Creative campaign highlights abstract material compositions

by Darren
Woven flooring Bolon Jnl 3 16

Campaign identifies creative ways in which woven flooring can be customised.

London design studio Doshi Levien has developed a visual campaign for Swedish flooring brand Bolon. The campaign places the company’s new products within abstract sets alongside an array of architectural materials.

By communicating the versatility of Bolon’s new collection, it enables architects to create customised woven flooring by choosing from six patterns, four warp colours and 12 weft colours.

“The challenge was to demonstrate the breadth of choice to architects while keeping it simple and easy to navigate,” says Jonathan Levien from Doshi Levien. “How can we inspire architects to use the product and to see it not just as a floor but as a material in its own right?”

“When other material companies create their imagery, they often build room sets where they set up a table with chairs and a teapot,” Jonathan added. “But we felt we could create something more abstract, imaginative and inspiring that communicates the project’s three key ideas of space, light and material.”

A photographic campaign depicts the flooring as the focus of abstract set pieces which places the product into interiors, without suggesting specific scenarios of use.

These displays clearly highlight the objectives of the campaign, drawing the necessary attention to the flooring products and how woven flooring can be successfully customised.

Source: http://www.dezeen.com

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