All classical laminate flooring from Classen carries the “Der Blaue Engel” logo, which is a prominent sign of environmental responsibility.

To do their part in contributing to a more sustainable environment, Classen uses raw materials from sustainable forests, low emissions, management commitment and certified products. The company is committed to using raw wood material responsibly throughout the entire production chain – from production of HDF boards to the creation of the finished laminate floor and the protection of forests by only sourcing raw material from sustainable forests. Through constantly optimising the energy efficiency of their production process, Classen is also dedicated to protecting the earth’s natural resources.

“Der Blaue Engel” is the first and most well-known environmental sign in the world. Since 1978, it has set the standard for ecologically friendly products and services. The sign is only awarded to products once an independent jury has assessed the products according to defined criteria. NEO 2.0 and all classical laminate flooring from Classen carry the blue angel label, a logo symbolic of the high degree of environmental responsibility that Classen maintains.

Kirk has 39 different styles of Classen laminates in stock. Classen offers proven quality and beautiful designs to assist you in specifying a quality laminate floor for domestic or commercial use. Please contact your closest Kirk branch for help in choosing the perfect laminate floor for your requirements.

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