Flush-plastered ceilings are ideal for sustainable and meaningful modern office designs.

The modern office space has moved beyond just being a commercialised, operational setting to an environment which includes amenities that cater for employee wellbeing, comfort and needs. As such, the provision of facilities such as crèches, gymnasiums and lounges, leisure or entertainment areas have become more apparent in new office spaces. These not only cater for the wellbeing of staff, but also assist in creating more homely work environments.

“This is important because we spend a huge chunk of our daily lives at work, often more than in our own homes,” says Clarence Kachipande, Architect and National Specifying Manager at Lafarge Gypsum.

“To improve on company productivity and output, employers have realised that they need to create environments that are more sustainable and practical, both at a functional and operational level,” he explains.

Flush-plastered ceilings
To define or enhance modern office environments, Flush-Plastered Ceilings can assist in creating more intimate and relaxing spaces that in turn allow for greater creativity and productivity. Flush-Plastered Ceilings can be articulated with recesses, projections or bulkheads that focus spaces physically. They can also be enhanced with the usage of clever mood lighting that assists in concentration or relaxation, allowing for productivity or mind rest respectively.

“Instead of the commercial, formal look of Standard Suspended Lay-in Grid Ceilings that can sometimes feel cold, Flush-Plastered Ceilings permit the creation of a more intimate ‘home away from home’ look,” Kachipande points out.

Lafarge Gypsum’s Flush Plastered Ceiling Systems (Lafarge Master GridTM) are locally produced to the highest local and international standards. Hence they have low carbon footprints, carry the SABS stamp of approval and are Ecospecifier certified. Thermal and acoustical performance requirements can also be easily met by employing variations of these solutions.
The system is a Suspended Concealed Ceiling Grid structure consisting of 3.6m Main Tees and 1.2m Cross Tees with a knurled 35mm face. Cross tees are inserted at 400mm centres in the main tees. The entire Grid system is then suspended with Galvanised Angles, ensuring rigidity and stability. Gypsum Plasterboard 9mm standard or 12mm standard are then screwed to the Grid, and the joints are taped, jointed and finished as per normal.

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