Creating interest in ceiling finishes

by Ofentse Sefolo
Creating interest in ceiling finishes

Creating residential ceiling environments with flush-plastered ceilings, shadow lines and bulkheads offer various opportunities to create interesting ceiling designs, using just a few specialist products. Below we explore some of the most popular ceiling design options available from Pelican Systems.

For a fixed or flush-plastered ceiling, the suspension system is the starting point and options are to use either Steel Brandering or JUMBO Grid.

These steel products have perfectly straight lines and are designed to suspend and support the ceiling, and are key to the perfect finish in terms of structure and suspension.

Trims, angles and edge profiles
For a floating ceiling, where the ceiling appears suspended, a shadow-line plaster trim is used to create this effect. There are various profiles to choose from and the larger the profile, the more accentuated the look will be. The ceiling height needs to be considered, especially if opting for the 100mm ceiling drop, as this is how much the ceiling height will reduce by.

· PS 2 – 25 x 20, which creates a 25mm shadow off the wall, with a 20mm ceiling drop.
· PS 3 – 45 x 20, which creates a 45mm shadow off the wall, with a 20mm ceiling drop.
· PS 4 – 45 x 45, which creates a 45mm shadow off the wall, with a 45mm ceiling drop.
· PS 35 – 35 x 35, which creates a 35mm shadow off the wall, with a 35mm ceiling drop.
· PS 7 – 100 x 100, which creates a dramatic 100mm shadow off the wall, with a 100mm ceiling drop.

When creating bulkheads, ceiling and partitioning specialist contractors will use galvanised angles and corner bead profiles to create the perfect 90-degree angles.

Plasterboard and skimming plaster
For upmarket residential ceilings, use a 9mm JUMBO Plasterboard for fixing to the suspension system and for a full skim application, JUMBO Skimming Plaster, which has a very white finish even before being painted.

The final touch is the design and use of lighting, both direct and indirect, to create a stylish impactful ceiling that really adds glamour and finesse to the home.

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