Creating an iconic mural at The Leonardo

by Zuerita
Creating an iconic mural at The Leonardo

CHRYSO supplied its innovative VerticArt to the creative production team at The Trinity Session for a 15m high (three storeys) mural which became an iconic artistic creation in the foyer of The Leonardo in Sandton.

The Trinity Session wanted to create a sculpted representation of a cross-section through earth, showing the strata formed by tectonic plates shifting and colliding, to form the intricate patterns of geological formations.

Marcus Neustetter, a director of The Trinity Session, explains that this ambitious project called for an earthy, robust medium. VerticArt, a cementitious mortar which is designed for application to vertical surfaces, presented the ideal material. The chemical makeup of the product allows for a vertically applied maximum thickness of 150mm, making it ideal for relief 3D artwork.

How the mortar was applied

A total of 4,5 tons of the product was applied in various thicknesses and then carved and textured using palette knives, trowels, chisels, straight edges and wire brushes, to the exact creative brief. Thanks to the zero to 48 carving window, artists had enough time to perfect the application and sculpting process that was needed to create the 3D effect.

The 15m high (three storeys) mural is located in the foyer of The Leonardo in Sandton.

Eight individual artists and the CHRYSO technical team took seven weeks to complete the mural, which was intentionally not pigmented, resulting in a very realistic artistic rendition of a cross-section through the crust of the earth. This is further enhanced with focused lighting, giving the effect of an upwards journey though geological eons as visitors ascend the staircase.

CHRYSO Southern Africa’s project manager, Neville Wearne, says the product was developed to allow artists to create reliefs and textures, which can be sculpted and carved.

“This massive and bold statement artwork is a first for CHRYSO’s VerticArt in both South Africa and worldwide, challenging architects, designers and artists to further explore the decorative potential of concrete,” he concludes.

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