Creating a showpiece for a high-end vehicle area

by Tania Wannenburg
Creating a showpiece for a high-end vehicle area

A one-of-a-kind checkerboard floor was created for a client’s supercar garage.Technical Finishes recently supplied epoxy flooring materials to a client who wanted a black and white checkerboard effect in his new garage. To give the garage floor a unique look, the client requested Polyscreed Epoxy Terrazzo to achieve the desired result.

Polyscreed Epoxy Terrazzo is a highly decorative screed which exhibits a blend of glass and aggregates with a smooth surface. This system was designed for excellent resistance to abrasion, chemical attack and other physical aggression. This system provides the maximum in performance flooring with a decorative and aesthetic appeal. In order to create the interesting checkerboard effect, Technical Finishes’ approved applicator, Chemtech SA, installed 1m x 1m aluminium dividing strips on the floor before priming the area with epoxy primer. After the area was primed, the team placed the epoxy Terrazzo into the aluminium squares.

Grinding equipment using diamond blades were used to remove 1-2mm of the surface to expose the aggregates. Grouting and polishing of the surface follows to ensure a smooth and even finish. A polyurethane sealer was applied to protect the surface from common stains and abrasive damage.

The flooring installation was completed by polishing and buffing the area with a high speed burnishing machine to enhance the sealer and the shine. The result is a work of art and a showpiece for the client’s high-end vehicle collection.

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