Flooring installations are often complex because of the multiple variables that make each and every project unique. Installing a floor is hardly as streamlined as the production process at a beer bottling plant, for example, as there are many parts of the project that can’t be predicted or planned for.

For flooring contractors, the successful preparation of the substrate, the application of products and the installation of the flooring are dependent on many factors. These include the type of substrate and its specific characteristics, moisture content and the possible presence of old adhesive residue or other contaminants. Besides these factors, installers have to carefully consider the requirements of the specified floorcovering, the type and volume of traffic it will be exposed to and the prevailing climatic conditions, amongst many other factors.

Therefore, a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach cannot work. Rather, flooring professionals need to be adaptable and consider each installation on its merits. iTe Products has recognised these challenges and developed a range of flooring products to provide relevant solutions that flooring contractors can have absolute confidence in. Some of these solutions can help with the following:

Faster installations
The VAPORiTe moisture barrier’s high performance qualities mean that it continues to work well under challenging circumstances, and enables faster installation of floorcoverings. Its non-toxic formulation (in compliance with stringent international regulations) makes it safe for both the applicator and the environment.

Levelling compound applicators
Water temperature variations on site have always been problematic for levelling compound applicators and the four grades of LEVELiTe self-levelling screed can help contractors overcome this challenge. Between 4˚C and 35˚C, these products enable very consistent application times. Formulated for optimal application, they minimise problems such as dry joints caused by excessively fast initial setting. Applicators then benefit from a greater degree of latitude.

Optimum tack and final bond strength
The GRIPiTe range of adhesives delivers high performance in terms of adhesion and meeting the strictest environmental protection standards. Expertly matched to the requirements of the chosen floorcovering, the 100% solvent-free formulations deliver optimum tack and final bond strength. Using GRIPiTe ensures that application will not be a hazardous or unpleasant task.

iTe Products delivers a world-class customer experience, both in terms of product performance and technical support. This integrated approach is the cornerstone of the iTe Products brand – and the results speak for themselves.

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