Crack filler shakes it up

by Tania Wannenburg
Crack filler shakes

RhinoLite EasyFill™ Crack Filler comes with a complimentary multi-tool for a no mess, no waste and no fuss application.

RhinoLite EasyFill™ Crack Filler, brought to market by Saint-Gobain Gyproc on the back of their leading wall-rendering brand, RhinoLite, offers a quick, easy and effective way to renovate any indoor cracks and blemishes, providing a smooth, high-quality finish.

DIY enthusiasts and trade professionals can now get this easy-to-use, all-purpose solution for interior cracks in a revolutionary resealable 500g pack, which is sealed with a RhinoLite EasyFill™ multi-tool that comes free with every pack.

The complimentary RhinoLite EasyFill™ multi-tool, designed in South Africa by Saint-Gobain Gyproc, means that the product application requires no additional tools. It measures the perfect mix ratio of product to water, giving an ideal product consistency for best results with every application.

Scoop, scrape, sand and seal it
Intended for flawless application, the RhinoLite EasyFill™ multi-tool offers consumers a range of no mess, no waste and no fuss benefits.

The scoop in the one corner is used to scoop the product out of the pack with an exact measure for the three-to-one product to water mix ratio. With a scrape tool on the one side and a handy sanding surface on the other, the product is then applied onto the wall and once dry, it is sanded to a smooth finish – all done by merely turning the tool around. Once the job is complete, the multi-tool is used to reseal the pack to prevent any spilling or waste until the next application.

The product formula is designed to remain pliable for a time prior to hardening. Once dry, RhinoLite EasyFill™ can be painted with any high-quality, water-based or enamel paint and blends in seamlessly with the existing room finish.

The 500g resealable packs of RhinoLite EasyFill™ Crack Filler with the free RhinoLite EasyFill™ multi-tool are available at major hardware retailers in South Africa for the recommended resale price of R31,99.

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