Costs associated with carpet maintenance

by Tania Wannenburg
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Improper carpet maintenance is a costly business as it can lead to increased cleaning frequencies, restoration and repair costs, and reduces the lifespan of the carpet.

milliCare has cared for global blue chip companies for the last 30 years and ensures beautiful carpet appearance throughout the lifespan of the carpet while consistent cleaning frequencies further extend its performance.

The above is a smart business decision. As noted and reinforced above, correct cleaning definitely increases the carpet’s lifespan. Formulate a planned and comprehensive cleaning and maintenance programme from day one of installation.

“First consider how the dirt and soil gets onto or into the carpet in the first place. This makes it crucial to have a purpose-designed walk-off mat at every entrance. Thereafter, clean that walk-off mat at weekly intervals,” says Wayne Simpkins, director at milliCare.

Secondly, introduce a vacuuming programme so as to remove all that airborne dust that settles onto the carpet. Generally, vacuum high-traffic areas daily and medium-traffic areas every other day. Low-traffic areas require twice a week. Pay a little extra upfront and use an upright beater-brush vacuum cleaner rather than a vacuum cleaner that will just remove surface dust and soils.

milliCare have proved that, along with the correct carpet care programme, carpet cleaning chemistry and machinery, two main factors – barrier matting and vacuuming – will reduce the frequency of cleaning required and therefore save money.

Do not underestimate the value (savings) in daily spot and spill removal. Prevent those spills from spreading and becoming stains. Also remember that the correct vacuuming will remove the abrasive soil particles that fall down below the surface of the carpet and that can eventually damage the carpet fibres if not removed.

Service providers like milliCare offer specific chemistry and procedures for the removal of candle wax, red wine, chewing gum and those other nasty soils that spoil a carpet’s good looks.

Whatever causes the problem, never rub or brush a stain because this could cause it to spread and even distort the pile. Don’t let an inexperienced person tackle spills or stains on one’s carpet.  

Then of course there is the system and technology needed to maintain the carpet. milliCare’s technology comes from the world’s largest textile research and development centre and designed specifically to preserve appearance throughout the life of the carpet, extend the life of the carpet, create a healthy work environment (Indoor Air Quality) and is environmentally responsible with Green Seal Certification and significant water and electricity and effluent savings.

Their motto is to not just clean carpets but to care for it.

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