iTe Products have dedicated their efforts to create real cost effective flooring systems solutions.

Being able to determine the real cost of installing flooring becomes crucial in the contracting environment. Not only does it enable professionals in the built environment to determine the expected profit from a job, it assists them to price it so that they can win the job in the first place.

iTe Products often encounter customers who do their costings based on a very superficial exercise. For example, supplier’s price lists are used as the basis for costing, as opposed to recording all the relevant costs incurred historically – here the key word is all.

Other factors that need to be considered include the cost of transport, how many trips it takes to complete the project and the time wasted by the fitting team while they wait for components in the system to dry or flash off.

Most moisture barriers take 4 to 5 hours + for each coat to cure. This means that much time is wasted or another team has to be sent to the site, incurring additional transport costs. VAPORiTe dries in half the time, which can definitely lead to cost savings.

LEVELiTe is also trafficable in two hours and vinyl flooring can be installed the day after LEVELiTe is applied, which eliminates the need to wait for days before installation can commence.

Another unexpected cost is when a levelling compound is required to have a bonding agent in order to achieve the required strength. This can double the bag price of the leveller.

If you often have to wait long hours for backed carpet tiles with pressure sensitive adhesives to flash off sufficiently, then consider GRIPiTe V10.

iTe Products have dedicated their efforts to creating real cost effective flooring systems solutions.

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