Cost effective flooring that’s on trend

by Ofentse Sefolo
Cost effective flooring that’s on trend

When three dynamic women with more than 14-year’s flooring and interior decoration expertise join forces, it is sure to be a recipe for success. As a new business, the dynamic trio behind the Power Flooring brand have tapped into a niche requirement in the flooring market, both in terms of their sales support and service as well as sourcing more affordable or budget-friendly flooring product solutions.

Juanita Mc Carthy, a seasoned flooring expert, Madeleine Southey from Southey Interiors and Jean Dilks from Home Décor Inc. are the three formidable ladies who are looking to find cost-effective, yet stylish solutions for flooring and other home improvement products as part of their offering. Floors spoke to Juanita and Madeleine to gain a better understanding of their approach, and how consumers can incorporate their solutions into the recent home renovation boom.

“By looking at the latest in flooring trends, Madeleine and I have collaborated on how we can offer our clients the same style and value at a more affordable price,” says Juanita. “The WFH boom has not subsided yet; the post covid euphoria is dying down but the consumer is still stuck with the same space they only used on weekends and public holidays. This same space has to now work very hard fulfilling the different family needs of study, boardroom, canteen, storage and life!”

“International trends show various shades of grey and greens as well as warmer ‘human’ tones coming to the fore; natural wood, oak and lighter colours – coupled with larger format tiles in unique textures and designs – are still very much in fashion.”

However, the flooring material selected to achieve this look does not need to be high-end. Juanita remarks that Traviata, FINfloor and Azura are suppliers that offer various flooring materials in a far more cost-effective price bracket and yet deliver the same quality and style.

Printed fabrics in forest or floral themes added to the design bring instant glamour.

Grey mixed with bold patterns
“Grey is still a practical colour to work with,” notes Madeleine. “However, for some people this palette may be too bland or cold.” She suggests bringing in some colour and focal points by using large forest print fabrics. The bold patterns immediately elevate the look, and by mixing a large scale pattern with smaller geometrics or animal prints on accessories such as scatter cushions or lamp shades, one can make a dramatic statement on a budget.

By adding a green statement piece in bold patterned fabric, one can liven up the overall look of grey or oak flooring.

Green is good
“We need plants to literally change the air we breathe but we also need green for our visual and mental health. Green is here to stay and works handsomely with a grey or vinyl oak wood floor,” comments Madeleine.

The mixing of old and new, both in terms of modern flooring with vintage furniture and vice versa is a trend that is making a comeback.

By creating statement pieces such as one chair in a bold patterned green fabric, and by adding subtle touches of green in various shades to other smaller elements, one can create a cohesive and stylish result.

Vintage is back
When it comes to vintage design schemes, the possibilities are endless. Juanita says that obtaining an authentic antique look is easy with the continuously growing ranges and options in the vinyl flooring market. Once again, products that offer the same look as that of an oak or hardwood floor are endless, and here she suggests looking at various options to find the best fit before making the final selection.

Madeleine agrees and says that a trend noted amongst millennials is to mix antique furniture or family heirlooms with modern flooring, which creates more of a vintage reference point.

Charcoal Coloured Theme
Inky blacks and charcoal flooring options are incredibly versatile and work wonders, whether teamed with pure white or bolder shades of any smooth or rigid vinyl or engineered wooden flooring. However, to ensure a more cohesive look, Madeleine suggests light curtains, loose rugs and the addition of mirrors to either add contrast or create visual interest. “Mirrors are magic and can be repurposed in many spaces over time,” she adds.

Contrast dark flooring with light and bright accessories and create visual interest with texture or by adding a statement mirror.
Japandi blends the warmth and elegance of Japanese interiors with the modernity of Scandi-style for a fresh aesthetic.

Flooring for Japandi Style Interiors
“Throw Japanese and Nordic influences into a melting pot and you have an irresistible hybrid style set to rock the interior design world in 2021,” says Juanita.

Here Juanita turns to a new range from Turkey for inspiration at a fraction of the cost. The Azura, Traviata and FINfloor ranges offer various interpretations of this trend that are available in the lighter Scandi-style or the warmer bamboo shades synonymous with Japan.

Stone-Look Vinyl
As mentioned earlier, being able to source numerous options for stone-look flooring is because of the ongoing product development in this market says Juanita. New designs and ranges just keep getting better, and so does the affordability (refer to Carpet Brokers for their large format vinyl flooring). Being able to imitate the look of stone tiles is becoming a trend, mostly due to the cost and warmer finishes delivered by the alternative material.

Stone-look vinyl is a cost-effective way to create the desired finish in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the installation cost. Coupled with modern furniture, only an expert eye may be able to tell the difference.
Velvet furniture, opulent lighting and luxurious accessories all help to create a thoroughly modern decadent grandeur aesthetic.

Decadent Grandeur
Recently, velvet is being seen in many high-end designs and is often the main feature of a room. Mixed with dark wall colours and flooring in dark wood such as tabaco, velvet creates opulence and grandeur. To achieve this look, Juanita suggests turning to the new range of laminates. Bold, masculine designs such as tabaco oak, and parquet options can become a reality when turning to the latest in luxury vinyl or laminate.

Achieve affordable grandeur by adding hardwood flooring on stairs as a focal point.

Autumnal Shades
“I am excited by the new Autumn colours which can look great in all seasons and are set to make a splash soon,” comments Madeleine. The addition of a warmer palette can be achieved either in the flooring materials or by adding textured wallpaper or paint in an autumn palette to the room. Warmer reds, shades of burnt orange and mustard can instantly liven and brighten a space.

Juanita agrees and notes that these shades can also be obtained in flooring in similar shades. The rich amber and oaks make for warm and inviting flooring, offered in budget-friendly alternatives or if budget allows, spend the money on a statement feature such as stairs.

Oversized floor tiles
This trend is massive, especially in the high-end residential and commercial markets. Whilst achieving this look on a budget is slightly more difficult, it is not impossible, notes both Juanita and Madeleine. A tip is to select one area of the room to be given the large-format or oversized treatment. By keeping the rest of the room paired down, the selected area will become the point of interest.

There once was a time when oversized tiles were used exclusively for public places or industrial premises, but the trend has shifted toward home décor and the results can be jaw-dropping.

A final word on cost effective flooring
Installation can become costly if you opt for high spec flooring materials and finishes, notes Juanita. “With the DIY market and its products now at an all-time high, it makes sense to look for cost-effective alternatives, especially in areas that do not carry heavy foot traffic or require special consideration. The new at home office is an ideal space to interpret any of the above trends without breaking the bank.

Juanita concludes, “At Power Flooring, our aim is to assist our customers with the full scope of their project, by offering our collective expertise and experience as a one-stop solution, not only in terms of product and installation support, but also on how to make the most of the space with our value-added design expertise.”

For more information on affordable flooring and design ideas, contact Power Flooring & Decor:
Tel: +27 71 519 3540
Email: info@powerflooring.co.za
Website: www.powerflooring.co.za

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