Corobrik Student Architecture Awards

The prestigious 37th Corobrik Student Architecture Awards were held recently, celebrating the dedication and creativity of South Africa’s up-and-coming architects. The eight finalists were chosen by the major South African universities, who each chose its best Masters architectural student to take part in the awards. 

Overall winner 

Arran Wood, representing the University of the Free State, clinched the Corobrik Student Architecture Awards with his project, “Spectral flesh – remembrance”. 

Corobrik Student Architecture Awards

Arran Wood’s winning project, “Spectral flesh – remembrance”.

The project is a monument of the Angola-South African War. Through a symbolic repurposing of decommissioned firearms in a foundry, and the remembrance of spectres from the site in an inverted monument, a design is proposed to reveal the forgotten and censored. The architecture of spectral remembrance attempts to explore the role the built can play as a mediator and reminder of forgotten conflicts. 

Special commendation 

Gideon Williams, representing Nelson Mandela University, received a special commendation. His innovative project stood out for its exceptional use of found materials, breathing new life into the very fabric of communities. His dedication to preserving history and fostering community memory through architecture is showcased in the project, “The design of an archive at King’s Beach, Gqeberha”. 

The project invents useless, idiotic, whimsical architecture that houses all the unwanted and unrepresented objects in the city, giving the voiceless a platform to scream. 

Corobrik Student Architecture Awards

Gideon Williams received a special commendation for his innovative project, “The design of an archive at King’s Beach, Gqeberha”.

Best use of clay masonry 

Taryn Glazebrook, representing the University of Pretoria, won the award for the best use of clay masonry. Her project, “Marabastad: From arrival to revival”, stood out for its exceptional utilisation of face brick, showcasing unparalleled creativity and innovation. Glazebrook’s design emphasises pedestrian-oriented architecture, creating safe and welcoming spaces, with bricks and timber balancing tradition with innovation.  

This award isn’t an annual tradition – it’s reserved for extraordinary circumstances. The remarkable use of face brick in this project warranted the special recognition. 

Corobrik Student Architecture Awards

Taryn Glazebrook’s project, “Marabastad: From arrival to revival”, won the award for the best use of clay masonry.


The winners of the 37th Corobrik Student Architecture Awards for Masters architectural students in South Africa have been announced. 


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