Cornubia Mall: Insulating the extensive roof

by Zuerita
Cornubia Mall: Insulating the extensive roof

The new 85 000m² Cornubia Mall near Mount Edgecombe in KwaZulu-Natal was designed with interconnected, landscaped walkways, park-like spaces and transparent, double-level display windows to create an open-air shopping experience.
Due to the high humidity and hot climate of the area, the choice of insulation was critical and with leading retail tenants such as Pick n Pay, Virgin Active and Shoprite cognisant of the benefits of excellent insulation, Rigifoam’s LAMBDABOARD® was specified. Not only does it offer excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties, but once installed, the white face of the board requires nothing more.

Complying with specification
During the project, Rigifoam representatives assisted with technical enquiries and advice. Lyle Jeffrey, national sales manager of Rigifoam, points out that LAMBDABOARD® is a closed-cell material and therefore does not absorb moisture, nor is it affected by air movement.

“It has the highest R-value, which is one of four key factors that determine the effectiveness of an insulation material, per 25mm of insulation,” he states. “What you buy, you get. There is no reduction in thermal properties over time and no compressing on thickness during installation.

“What’s more, it is the only insulation material approved by the Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau (ASIB) to be installed over sprinklers since it does not soften, melt or drip, thereby blocking the sprinklers’ heads as seen with thermoplastics,” he adds.

Thanks to its flexible, white face, LAMBDABOARD® affords an aesthetically pleasing ceiling finish, which greatly benefits shop fitting and overall store appeal.

An architect’s choice
LAMBDABOARD® further affords an aesthetically pleasing ceiling finish, which greatly benefits shop fitting and overall store appeal.

“Its green building credentials are proven and therefore it is considered an eco-friendly product,” says Andre Wiese from Bentel Associates International Architects. “The thermal conductivity of LAMBDABOARD®, 0,0024W/m.K at 22°C, means it offers an excellent, stable R-value, thus allowing the tenants to truly take control of their energy costs.”

Up to the challenge
During the installation of the roof, strong winds, rain and handling roofing sheets between 60m and 80m, as well as the sheer size of the roof, challenged the team. However, LAMBDABOARD®’s rigidity and compressive strength eased installation and perfectly integrated with the roof sheeting, while eliminating thermal bridging in the over-purlin design.

Throughout the project, Rigifoam provided technical assistance and roofing contractor, Chartwell Roofing, lauded the team’s prompt deliveries and good service and thanked them for contributing to the project being completed on time.

Tel: 011 421 0313
Website: www.rigifoam.com or www.lambdaboard.co.za

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