Cork flooring dominates at DOMOTEX 2020

by Ofentse Sefolo
Cork flooring dominates at DOMOTEX 2020

DOMOTEX 2020, one of the world’s best loved and respected flooring exhibitions, took place from 10 to 13 January 2020 in Hanover, Germany. This popular event is where many of the year’s upcoming flooring trends are revealed and celebrated. One of the prominent trends and take-aways this year was cork flooring, which was exhibited by numerous trusted brands including Ziro, a reputable German flooring manufacturer.

Why cork flooring?

Sustainability is the ultimate driving force behind new flooring projects for 2020 and beyond. The main reason cork flooring has been dominating at events like DOMOTEX 2020 is because in the vast majority of cases, is 100% recyclable making it is one of the world’s most eco-friendly floor coverings.

“Even the initial extraction of cork is a sustainable process,” commented representatives of the Ziro brand. “The bark of the cork oak is generally harvested every nine years and obtaining this natural material has no negative impact on the environment. On the contrary, farmed cork oaks absorb up to four times as much harmful carbon dioxide in their average lifetime of 250 years than unharvested oak. Harvested cork can also be used in its entirety and is completely recyclable, making the cork oak a true environmental champion.”

Besides being generally the most sustainable floor covering currently available, cork flooring provides a variety of other benefits too. With its thickness and softer composition, cork is an exceptionally comfortable flooring, providing a supported feeling underfoot. Cork flooring also boasts maximum fire-resistance and will only melt or ignite at extremely high temperatures. In the event that cork flooring does start to combust, it generates substantially less smoke releasing far less toxic material when compared to many other types of flooring.

Finally, cork flooring is celebrated for being aesthetically versatile. Many cork flooring manufacturers, including Ziro, now produce this flooring type in numerous colours and finishes. This is great news for designers who are striving to design homes and business premises that are both stunning to look at and endlessly more sustainable.

Korkplus flooring

Ziro used the DOMOTEX 2020 event as a platform for introducing its new Korkplus flooring to the world. With its extra-thick cork overlay and equally thick cork backing, this new flooring is designed to ensure optimum heat, noise and footfall sound insulation. Furthermore, Korkplus can be installed without glue – another plus for the environment.

As per the brand’s representatives, Korkplus is now also being offered as ready-made cork parquet in a new 612 x 440mm short-board format that makes this premium cork floor with its new, largely hand-veneered designs, look amazing.

Full thanks and acknowledgement are given to www.domotex.de for some of the information in this article.

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