Controlling sound with specialised products

by Ofentse Sefolo
Controlling sound with specialised products

According to Gensler’s 2013 Workplace Survey, people spend over half their working time in offices doing tasks that require focus. If the environment doesn’t allow for that, it’s a huge blow to productivity. But not only that, it’s also negative for our wellbeing, our health and happiness, not to mention job satisfaction.

It’s easy to acknowledge the impact small daily noises can create, such as copiers, air conditioners, conversations, people eating lunch and more.

Fortunately the science of noise control, also known as acoustic design, innovatively contributes to practical solutions and it is not reserved for the rich and big businesses. The acoustic design has proven, that many options apply for the treatment of noise and create better work environments.

Acoustic design are classified into 3 areas:

1. Acoustic Insulation – determines the extent to which sound (or unwanted noise) is transmitted between two spaces

2. Acoustic Absorption – how unwanted noise generated within that area is controlled e.g. open plan offices. As little or no consideration was given to the management of noise emanating; talking on the phone and chats between colleagues all result in background noises which continue to increase until an acoustically inhospitable environment is created.

3. Reverberation – the duration that a sound can be heard in a particular space depends on primarily 3 things;

  • a. the volume of the space;
  • b. the surface on the structures within that space (walls, ceilings, flooring) and
  • c. the objects in that space (furnishings, people, equipment). With increasing ceiling height, a space sound increasingly hall-like. When sound absorptive surfaces like absorptive panels, carpets, furniture and people are present, it would typically reduce the reverberation time and make the space less hall-like.

4 acoustic treatment solutions are offered by Aluglass Bautech:

1. Variflex® mobile acoustic partition system
Variflex® permits flexible room layouts and acoustically subdivides classrooms, meeting venues or conference facilities to allow two or more areas to be used simultaneously without disrupting each other. There is no floor track – only an overhead track whilst elements are parked neatly to one side or into a niche. The system has an acoustic rating from 40dB to 52dB Rw (43dB to 55dB STC) and a maximum height of over 12m. Aluglass Bautech backed with international design standards, provides technical expert support from feasibility, design and installation.

Variflex® permits flexible room layouts and acoustically subdivides classrooms, meeting or conference facilities.

2. Varikust® acoustic doors
Varikust® acoustic doors are easy to operate and has an effective sealing mechanism which allows for an uninterrupted floor finish. Its sound insulation doors range from 35dB to 51dB Rw (38dB to 53dB STC) and serves as a complimentary product to the Variflex® system and GF Serene. Standard sizes are available and custom-made doors are manufactured up to 4,8 metres wide and 5 metres high. Applications include entrances to hotel rooms, home theatre studios, radio and television studios, office doors, auditoria, meeting and conference rooms.

Variflex® accoustic doors have a sound insulation ranging from 35dB to 51dB Rw (38dB to 53dB STC).

3. GF Serene acoustic demountable glass partitions system
GF Serene is considered the ideal acoustic demountable glass partitions system to create quiet office spaces within open plan applications. It is quick and easy to install, remove and re-install with modular glass elements and flexible frame components. It also integrates directly with the Aluglass Bautech Varikust® VK62 acoustic doors and Variflex® VX83 mobile acoustic walls. The 180 degree glass-to-glass joints are dry joined with a transparent VHB joining tape (not wet silicone).

GF Serene is the ideal acoustic demountable glass partitions system to cr eate quiet office spaces within open plan applications.

The following options are available:
• GF Serene 35 – 35dB – max height: 3100mm
• GF Serene 45 – 45dB – max height: 3400mm
• GF Serene 50 – 47dB – max height: 3600mm

4. Absorption panels – slottled veneer or Fabricmate screen panels

Absorption panels reduce unwanted reflections and echos, these acoustic panels are fitted to either walls or ceilings. The noise reduction coefficient (NRC’s) range is from 0.5 to 0.85 depending on the panel thickness. An option of selected laser cut wood veneer panels or Fabricmate screen fabric panels are available to suit your décor. These absorption panels can be integrated into the Variflex® system.

Fabricmate absorption panels in a boardroom are engineered and designed to enhance working, learning and living environment

Aluglass Bautech has years of experience and matching quality products to meet sound requirements anywhere from homes to offices, recording studios to massive conference venues. In addition to customised acoustic doors and artistic sound-controlling panels, we are dedicated to designing and manufacturing fit for purpose products.

Aluglass Bautech
Tel: 011 451 8400
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Website: www.aluglass.co.za

Aluglass Bautech Engineering quiet since 1973!

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