Control the temperature of cement

by Darren

Thanks to Instrotech, a new pyrometer that can measure the temperature of cement is now available


As many people in the construction industry will know, temperature is of critical importance during not only the manufacturing, but also the depositing of concrete. The final characteristics of concrete as well as the performance of the concrete (such as cracking, resistance and wear and tear) are greatly influenced by the temperature of the mixture during manufacturing and depositing.

Concrete temperature, which should ideally fall within the range of +5°C and +55°C, is directly related to the development of strength, and fresh concrete can be damaged when exposed to very low or very high temperatures. Local distributor of process control implementation company, Instrotech, has recently announced that they are now able to provide a solution to the problem. The Optris CSmicro LT pyrometer has been specifically designed for application in the measurement and control of temperature in cement manufacturing.

Key factors to control during the pouring of concrete related with temperature:
• Warm weather affects speed limits evaporation.
• Cold weather inhibits the hydration process.

The pyrometer features a miniaturised stainless steel measuring head that allows for measurement in small, confined spaces. It is temperature-resistant up to 120°C, making the mechanic integration of the measuring head especially cost-efficient.

Scott Hunter, sales manager at Instrotech, explains that the intelligent LED display works optionally as alarm signal, target support, self-diagnosis or temperature-code display.

“The Optris CSmicro LT pyrometer measures temperature in the range of
-40°C to 1,030°C, the spectral range is 8 to 14µm and the response time is 30ms to 999s. The unit can be optimally installed on cement pumps, mixer trucks and cement silos,” says Hunter.

For more information, visit www.Instrotech.co.za, to which full thanks and acknowledgement are given.

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