Saint-Gobain is renowned for manufacturing excellence and a reputation that is in part built on a principle of world-class manufacturing (WCM). Evolution is a slow but steady process – in nature and for product manufacture and design. However, with new designs installation becomes easier, the final system with installed tiles has an improved aesthetic appearance and ease of maintenance improves over the system lifecycle. 

Unseen strength 

Changes made to products such as ceiling grids are often not seen by installers. Steel profiles, specifically ceiling grids, are more complex than their utilitarian appearance may suggest. The interaction between components such as main and cross tees, the suspension from either soffit, sub-grids or purlins give rise to loads and stresses that evolve with interior design trends across all property sectors. 

The Gyproc profile design has evolved – optimising the suspension points and process for ceiling grids, along with enhancements to the production lines and processes used to roll-form the profiles. As a steel recipe impacts performance characteristics, the Gypframe® profiles are also continuously the subject of refinement. 

Customer-driven solutions 

For 40 years, Gyproc’s metals plant and technical team has used customer feedback to enhance the design of their ceiling grids. 

  • The Gypframe® D38FR and the D37K professional systems supply a solution to professional teams and installers that is widely acknowledged as the go-to ceiling grid in South Africa.  
  • Where ultimate performance is not necessarily needed, the Gypframe® Essential exposed and concealed grids provide a fit-for-purpose possibility, with all the values and experience of the high-end professional product for less performance-oriented installations. 
  • The Germiston Metals Gypframe® ceiling grids are all compatible with their predecessors, making extensions and repairs to Gyproc ceiling grids easier.  

Issue: Maintaining innovation in ceiling grids. 
Solution:  Sustainable manufacture coupled with innovation ensures steel ceiling grids that are designed for today’s market needs. 

Responsible manufacture 

Sustainable manufacture and employee wellbeing are considered non-negotiable by Saint-Gobain. The responsible sourcing of raw materials and production consumables forms an important part of the final product. This ensures peace of mind when buying their efficient ceiling and partition backbone, Gypframe®

After 40 years of local manufacturing experience, a portfolio of ceiling projects covering utilitarian lay-in ceiling to exotic architectural design execution gives Saint-Gobain a base to develop and expand future ceiling grids that will meet the needs of the African market. 

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