Construction chemicals used to revamp two large WC projects

by Ofentse Sefolo
Construction chemicals used to revamp two large WC projects

a.b.e. flooring products were used for the upgrading of the concrete floors at the Supa Quick fitment centre in Robertson and the Sea Harvest fish processing facilities at Saldanha Bay.

For the Supa Quick project, a 3-5mm thick coating of abescreed SLC P was applied after the contractors had completed extensive vacuum grinding of the 600m² existing flooring. This rapid hardening cement-based screed for self-levelling floors is ideal for situations where quick setting is essential. Around 2 000m² of the screed can be pumped per day and it can be walked on after only two to four hours. Other benefits include its ability to be pumped or hand-laid and that it will not harbour bacteria.

a.b.e.’s abecote primer was then used to seal the floor surface before two coats of abecote 441 were applied as final coating. This protective and decorative coating can be used with concrete, steel and timber surfaces. The coating is clear, non-toxic when dry and it resists solvent stains, which is essential for a motor workshop. The coating does not chalk and has excellent water resistance.

The refurbishment of 400m² of concrete flooring at the Sea Harvest operations at Saldanha Bay was carried out in-house by Sea Harvest. Some of the products that were supplied included the abeflo epoxy, which was applied after mechanical grinding and the application of abecote 337 as primer.

Johnie Emmerich, a.b.e’s flooring consultant in the Western Cape, comments: “abeflo is a four-component, solvent-free, self-levelling system for flooring which caters for areas requiring high hygiene standards, and offers good colour retention and a medium gloss finish. The system has been successfully applied as flooring of hospitals, schools, showrooms, supermarkets, canteens, restaurants, laboratories and a wide variety of situations where hygiene was a major priority. For a food processing facility such as Sea Harvest, this was particularly important.”

Johnie personally played a consulting and supervisory role in both new flooring projects, with the Supa Quick project being carried out by a.b.e.-approved flooring contractors, Walrus Coatings.

For more information, contact a.b.e. Construction Chemicals on +27 (11) 306 9000 or via www.abe.co.za.

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