Consider the cleaning regimen of your matting systems

by Ofentse Sefolo
Consider the cleaning regimen of your matting systems

Even the toughest entrance matting systems require regular cleaning and maintenance to deliver optimum performance and maximum longevity, says Matco Sales and Marketing Manager, Morne van der Westhuizen.

Besides the ability to enhance the aesthetic appearance of a mat, regular cleaning and vacuuming can go a long way in preserving the mat’s pile, which in turn makes it more effective in wiping moisture and/or brushing dirt and grit from footwear.

Matting systems also protect floors and in many cases, make buildings safer. They also trap contaminants carried in by foot traffic, which supports general hygiene within a space.

The cleaning regimen that you follow will depend on the matting systems’ materials as well as the design. Mats with open holed surfaces allow the dirt to fall through, possibly into a matwell, which means the system needs to be lifted periodically to be kept clean, whereas solid surface designs may only need to be vacuumed or spot cleaned when necessary.

“Cleaning methods should ideally be considered at the specification stage because the chosen entrance matting should be practical for a building’s preferred cleaning regimen. It’s one of the reasons why we have technical data and cleaning instructions for all our entrance matting products. This helps customers gain maximum value from their entrance matting,” concludes Morne.

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