Concrete training courses to attend in 2018

by Madelein
Concrete training courses to attend in 2018

The Concrete Institute’s School of Concrete Technology (SCT) will be presenting a broad spectrum of concrete technology training courses in 2018. These courses will range from an introduction to concrete for raw beginners to courses that provide the platform to the highest qualification in the world of concrete: Advanced Concrete Technology.

This year’s courses include specialist training on subjects both basic and advanced: from simply grasping what concrete is all about, to making concrete bricks and blocks, procedures and checks for delivery of readymix concrete, batching concrete, designing and building roads and pavements, structural designing and building, laying industrial floors on the ground, as well as tuition for laboratory testing staff.

John Roxburgh, lecturer at SCT, says there is a need to know more about concrete at all levels in the building sector.

“It is perhaps not generally known, for example, that special skills are required for what would appear to be a routine job: driving a readymix concrete (RMC) truck. But RMC drivers need to know basic concrete technology for the transporting of concrete and are invariably frontline staff members, interacting on behalf of their company with the client,” says John.

Courses are presented most frequently in Midrand but also in Durban and Cape Town. In addition, the training can be tailored to accommodate clients’ specific requirements and staged anywhere in southern Africa. If there is a minimum of 10 students, then special training can be presented onsite by the school.

Visit The Concrete Institute website www.theconcreteinstitute.org.za to download the SCT 2018 Education Programme, phone +27 (11) 315 0300 or email sct@theconcreteinstitute.org.za for full details.

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