Concrete stones and paving for Moscow bar interior

by Ofentse Sefolo
Concrete stones and paving for Moscow bar interior

Berlin is a synonym for culture, free spaces and a nightlife without limits. Berlin-based architect Thilo Reich, who is a fixture in designing gastronomical spaces, was invited by gastronomes to design a Berlin Bar in Moscow.

Thilo was tasked with transferring the public spaces of Berlin into an interior space in Moscow for Café Moskau. The design he came up with has concrete wall reliefs of Berlin sidewalks and the pavement segments that he personally took from public places in Berlin relate to the history between Moscow and Berlin.

The pavement stones on the sidewalk in front of Café Moskau are a largely unnoticed aspect of daily city life, but the area is the former demarcation line between the Russian and the American Sector, Glienicker Brücke or the district of Charlottenburg. The stones form part of the history of the city and its people and they hold traces of city life and political changes. Inside the bar, Thilo offers guests a glimpse into the Berlin histories that are stored within the stones through an abstract stone image made of concrete.

Within the bar are vertically propped up ground plates that cite the prefab buildings that dominate Berlin’s cityscapes in a concept that connects Moscow and Berlin in new, unique ways. Thilo also used prefab concrete stones for the tabletops and bar. The minimalist use of concrete, combined with the roughness of grey wall panelling and the contrast of colourful and golden interiors, makes Café Moskau a must-see gastronomical establishment in the city.

For more information, visit www.thiloreich.com or www.v2com-newswire.com to which full thanks and acknowledgement are given.

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