Concrete pigment powder for helicopter hangars

by Ofentse Sefolo
Concrete pigment powder for helicopter hangars

Helicopter maintenance company, Heli-Afrique, recently specified Lanxess’ Bayferrox yellow colour pigment for their hangar at Rand Airport after the company successfully applied the same pigmentation at their first workshop at the Ekurhuleni airport two years ago. Chryso South Africa supplied the product and the installation was done by OnTime ReadyMix Concrete.

Bayferrox pigments are distinguished by high quality, compliance with strict European and global standards, and environmentally-friendly processing. And Chryso SA is the sole South African distributor of the brand’s Lanxess range.

Shaun Gayaram, Chryso SA Project Manager Concrete Aesthetics, describes the specification: “Chryso supplied the ‘02’-shade of Bayferrox yellow pigment selected by Heli-Afrique to OnTime Readymix Concrete who then added a 6% dosage to integrally colour the concrete at its Booysens batching plant before transporting it by mixers to the Rand Airport hangar,” says Shaun.

The challenge in providing coloured concrete is to rigidly adhere to the specific mix design and sequencing of raw materials, says director of OnTime ReadyMix Concrete, Afzal Ebrahim.

“Consistency of raw materials, and in all phases of manufacturing, is the most important element in making quality pigmented concrete. OnTime had to ensure that all build-up from the mixer drums was constantly removed and that no concrete from previous loads was present. Batching accuracy had to be 100% to ensure no colour variations and water control was also absolutely crucial for the pours,” says Afzal.

OnTime exclusively uses the Bayferrox pigment powder for all its coloured concrete contracts.

“It has, in our opinion, proved the best on the market and we have used it to add colour to the concrete for a Shaik Properties office floor, a Johannesburg butchery, as well as other floors in Gauteng. Chryso ensures timeous and consistent delivery of the pigment which is crucial for coloured concrete projects,” concludes Afzal.

For more information, contact Chryso via za.chryso.com.

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