Concrete performance enhanced at children’s hospital

by Darren
Concrete performance enhanced at childrens hospital ABE

The concrete performance of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital is being enhanced by several a.b.e. Construction Chemicals products.

a.b.e Construction Chemicals, part of the Chryso Southern Africa Group, is providing concrete repair and performance enhancing products for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital, currently under construction by Group Five in Parktown, Johannesburg.

One of these, durarep fairing compound (FC), is a cementitious polymer modified fairing coat that covers concrete surface imperfections and provides a smooth finish.

Another product used for a variety of applications, durarep fibre reinforced (FR), is a cementitious structural repair mortar that provides excellent bonding to concrete when used with the appropriate primer.

“It does not shrink, is chloride-free, and apart from being easy to apply, it also has high ultimate strength. It is suitable for repairing voids and honeycombing in concrete, and for profiling as well as general concrete repairs required during the construction stage of a project,” explains Rens Pelser, technical sales consultant for a.b.e. in Boksburg.

Eliminating dust
Both durarep FR and durarep FC are part of the growing range of a.b.e. products manufactured in a special plant in Boksburg with adapted formulas and raw materials to eliminate unhealthy dust emanating from these products when used on building sites.

Finally, a.b.e. epidermix 344 and epidermix 345 structural wet-to-dry concrete adhesives are also being used in the construction of the state-of-the-art hospital. Epidermix 344 provides an open time (the time it remains workable before setting hard) of about two hours, while the 345 version has an impressive 18 hours open-time capacity.

“These two products, suitable for structural situations, provide high ultimate tensile strength as well as lap sheer strengths. It can be used to bond fresh concrete to existing concrete, plaster to brickwork, or to provide a damp-proof barrier in the concrete matrix,” Pelser states.

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