Concrete flooring revitalises upmarket coffee bar

by Darren
Coffee Bar Jnl 6 15

Architects of the Coffee Bar Kearney revamp used concrete flooring to achieve a stunning, modern interior finish.

A tiny café in the heart of downtown San Francisco has been transformed into a trendy place where people can experiment and embrace the aromas, flavours and trends that the coffee industry has to offer. The architects of the Coffee Bar Kearney revamp, jones | haydu, recently won a Merit Award for Interior Architecture from the American Institute of Architects San Francisco for their work on Coffee Bar Kearney.

The stretch of sidewalk in front of Coffee Bar Kearney has been plagued by vacancy. The area was left undesirable for retail after a large concrete shear wall was installed between an adjacent neglected lot and the sidewalk. In order to revitalise the area and make it more attractive for pedestrians and customers, the concrete shear wall was opened up in order to connect the sidewalk to the space.

In an effort to reduce waste, existing concrete and piping were refreshed and left exposed, celebrating the industrial character of concrete, which coincides with the modern coffee brand. Adding to the interior design and décor is the black frame that surrounds the baristas within the coffee bar and scorched exterior wood siding.

It’s intriguing how much the industrial, yet upmarket look and feel the concrete flooring was able to add to this project. An increasing number of interior designers and architects are using the natural benefits of concrete, such as its low maintenance requirement and the creative ways in which it is versatile and affordable. In the past, concrete might have been seen as a ‘subfloor’ that needed to be covered by carpeting, tiles or wood, but nowadays the numerous surface finishes, colour options and textures make concrete an undeniably appealing flooring choice for hospitality establishments like coffee bars, restaurants, wine bars or small eateries.  

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