Concrete floor restoration demonstrates the material’s durability

by Madelein
Concrete floor restoration demonstrates the material’s durability

Recently, one of the largest retail centres in Gauteng decided on polished concrete floors for all its public areas. Motivated by the numerous benefits of polished concrete, including its durability, lifespan and low maintenance, it was a sensible choice.

Although a polished concrete floor offers exceptional durability, especially in high traffic areas, it does require some maintenance. A typical external retail floor has to cope with high foot traffic, trolleys and UV, all of which result in wear and tear of the floor.

In South Africa, unlike Europe and America, polished concrete floor maintenance is generally ignored or misunderstood by facility managers, often resulting in the need to carry out a full restoration of the floor.

When this floor lost its gloss and became patchy, a light grind was required to fix it. For this, diamond ceramic pads were utilised, followed by three stages of diamond resin pads to bring the floor back to its original condition. Once completed, the floor was resealed using a high quality buffable UV stable penetrating concrete sealer designed to seal the floor while offering protection from staining.

The facility manager has implemented an ongoing maintenance programme using diamond pads fitted to a high speed burnisher machine to ensure that the floor remains in perfect condition.

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