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by Darren
comprehensive protection

“S.A. National Standard (SANS) 10400 Part T as Code of Practice affecting public and building safety aspects of the National Building Regulations, brings with it a host of compliance standards and practices for the built environment. It addresses risk management in the comprehensive sense. So, legislation for fire containment is a priority with government departments – national, provincial and local.  Compliance with regulations is firmly on the agenda of many commercial and industrial companies.  Hence, the installation of best practice active and passive fire protection systems in commercial and industrial buildings has become key”, says FIRESPEC’s CEO, Leo Slootmans.

FIRESPEC offers a turnkey service, backed with a standing offer of service and maintenance that cannot be rivalled. “With the current state of the economy globally, an emphasis on existing building performance and also on refits is of great importance to both engineers and facilities managers. We provide the asset manager or owner with the peace of mind of knowing that fire and security solutions continue performing and are in good hands on an ongoing basis. We stay in touch with international trends via our technology partners worldwide and we ensure that out technicians are able to install and to service new and existing equipment to a high standard”.

FIRESPEC offers a comprehensive range of fire-protection and security solutions that apply to a wide variety of buildings, including airport terminals, oil refineries, financial institutions, hotels and academic institutions all the way through to ordinary domestic homes. Examples of widely different projects undertaken in recent times by FIRESPEC include:

• The Chevron Refinery in Cape Town
• The Artscape Theatre Complex
• The Departures Terminal at Cape Town International Airport
• UCT – all three campuses
• Obz Square
• Cavendish Square
• Blue Route Mall

During its 40 years of trading, the company has been involved in a range of challenging projects, both fire and security. It is responsible for key service and maintenance contracts for a number of high profile facilities. FIRESPEC has forged international technical and product alliances, giving it access to state of the art product offerings, equally applicable to both fire and security protective services. Its mission is the safeguarding of people and property.

FireSpec employs more than 45 personnel, including highly trained specialists, who regularly undergo training and updates in the relevant fields of expertise.

FIRESPEC’S products include both active and passive offerings. Slootman’s believes that one of their passive products, FIREBOARD CS™ offers great potential in the low income or even informal housing environment. “Correctly placed on the outer walls of a home, this product resists fire penetration for up to 2 hours duration and can help prevent the spread of runaway fire from one dwelling to another such as happens in the informal settlements”, says Slootmans. “One the other end of the spectrum, our Intumescent coating is being used to protect steel framework in major upgrades such as the Blue Route Centre in Cape Town. We urge architects, engineers and facilities managers to give us a call to help them with their building protection planning”, he added.

Tel 021 685 1111
E-mail: leo@firespec.co.za
Website: www.firespec.co.za

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