A comprehensive product offering from start to finish

by Tania Wannenburg
iTe comprehensive product offering Jnl 4 16

iTe Products offers adhesives which have been formulated to ensure exceptional results from the get go.

GRIPiTe flooring adhesives from iTe Products have been specially formulated to ensure the best results when bonding a floorcovering. In addition, they are VOC-free, easy to apply and cost-effective.

Extensive research and development has resulted in the use of modern technology to give the best performance and bonding to different types of flooring – from stick-down vinyl tiles and sheeting, LVT’s to carpet tiles and sheeting.

In addition to the above, iTe Products offers a complete guaranteed system which starts with the preparation of the screed to avoid possible moisture challenges which may arise, through to achieving beautiful surfaces that enhance the appearance of the floor.

This preparation will require the use of iTe Products’ VAPORiTe moisture barrier, after which a perfectly flat screed in the form of LEVELiTe is required, and thereafter, to ensure a flawlessly adhered floorcovering, the company advises the usage of their GRIPiTe adhesive.

According to iTe, this comprehensive system affords installers complete peace of mind knowing that the workmanship will always look professional. “At iTe, we pride ourselves on professional finishes with professional products engineered for optimal performance and guaranteed results,” says a representative from the company.

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