Composite cladding a lightweight option

by Darren
Composite cladding a

Aluminium composite panels and louvres offer many design options for a lightweight cladding application.

Applied as both external and internal architectural cladding, aluminium composite panels and louvres can play a major role in reducing the load of a building since they are much lighter than other cladding materials such as solid aluminium, metal and granite.

TMS Solutions, based in Kempton Park, supplies, fabricates and installs these aluminium composite panels and louvres for both commercial and residential applications.

Creative applications
Apart from cladding, these panels can also be installed as partitions, false ceilings, for signage and as machine coverings for container construction, offering architects and home owners a wide range of options for design and function.

The louvres offer screening and ventilation for sun-control purposes, together with security, privacy and aesthetic benefits.

Being imported, these aluminium composite panels and louvres have passed rigorous tests in various countries and come with a 20-year guarantee. Recently, aluminium windows, doors and gates, plant pots and polyester mesh have been added to TMS’ product range.

Flexibility in design
According to Senzo Ndumo, operations director and partner at TMS Cladding and Louvre Solutions, aluminium composite panels can be produced in various forms through processes such as cutting, bending, punching and drilling.

Plus points
“These panels boast self-cleaning and insulating properties, are fire-retardant, quick to install and do not require painting,” Ndumo points out.

“Aluminium composite panels comprise a thermoplastic core of polyethylene, giving it excellent heat and sound insulation, and being coated with a PVDF coating composed of KYNAR500®, it is durable and weather-resistant thanks to its anti-corrosion and anti-pollution properties,” he explains.

Kind to the environment
Both the polyethylene core and aluminium coil of the aluminium composite panels can be completely recycled and reused in new materials, and meet the national standards on green and environmental protection for construction materials.

TMS Cladding and Louvre Solutions
Tel: 011 393 6033
Website: www.tmssolutions.co.za

Successful projects:
•    Saturn Autobody, Gezina, Pretoria.
•    NICS, Hatfield, Pretoria.
•    Wetback, Bedfordview, Johannesburg.
•    Tile Africa, Garsfontein, Pretoria.
•    Bearing Corporation, Edenvale, Johannesburg.
•    Spar, Kilnerpark, Pretoria.

Tests passed:
•    USA: ASTM D903-98: 2004.
•    EU – EN 438-2: 2005.
•    Switzerland: ISO 9001:2008.
•    Australia/New Zealand: AS/NZS 1530.3:1999.
•    United Kingdom: BS 3900-DI:1998.
•    Germany: DIN 53315: 1996.

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