South Africa’s leading fly-ash supplier, Ash Resources, has developed a by-product of Eskom’s coal-fired power stations to be a key component of local cement and concrete. One of the most intriguing projects was the new international airport being built on St Helena Island in the southern Atlantic Ocean.

St Helena is halfway between Africa and South America, and is remembered as the place where Napoleon Bonaparte lived in exile from 1815 to1821.

There is no airport on the island, so all goods have to be transported by sea on a specially chartered vessel that takes five days to travel from Cape Town.
Now, in an effort to promote tourism and make the island community more self-sustainable, the British government is funding the construction of an airport.

A South African contractor, Basil Read, was awarded a design, build and operate contract for the project. As part of the airport’s design, Basil Read ordered 3 000 tons of fly-ash from Ash Resources.

“We were able to guarantee delivery of our premium classified siliceous fly-ash, DuraPozz®,” says Andrew McKeen, Ash Resources’ channel manager for construction. “Our fly-ash is being used on all the main civil works and new buildings for the airport,” he says.

Delivery from Ash Resources’ flagship Lethabo plant to St Helena proved to be a complicated logistical exercise, as it meant that all the material has to be loaded onto the contractor’s special supply vessel and taken to St Helena by sea.

McKeen says that so far about 1 500 tons of fly-ash has been delivered. “All the company’s departments played a role in this operation and are focused on being solution providers, not only product suppliers,” he concluded.

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