Complete waterproofing system unpacked

by Darren
Complete waterproofing system

Decorative cement-based finishes combine attractive looks with sustainability.

When constructing a flat roof or upstairs patio, one carefully needs to consider the waterproofing aspect of the structure. For this purpose, Cemcrete’s waterproofing system includes products that can be used from the base right up to the decorative element to create both a beautiful and watertight finish.

The process
Once the concrete slab or foundation of the roof or patio structure has been completed and cured, Cemcrete’s PermaStop can be used to coat the entire surface. It is important to also cover the vertical surfaces on the sides for at least about 300mm.

PermaStop is a cement-based mixture containing chemicals which combine with the water in cement and migrate into the concrete or cement, thereby effectively waterproofing the structure against hydrostatic pressure.

Once fully dry, PermaStop can in turn be coated with Cemcrete’s MatCrete waterproofing solution, an easy-to-use brush-on, cement-based mixture, which, when layered with the associated fibre-reinforced membranes, serves as a quality and durable waterproofing system. In order to ensure that the corners are well protected, the mixture needs to be applied over the entire slab as well as the vertical surfaces.

The finish
Once the MatCrete has been fully cured, it can be painted with Cemcrete’s RoofPaint, available in a range of colours. Alternatively, for a more sophisticated look, the vertical surfaces can be plastered, ready for any decorative coating.

The base can be screeded (usually between 30-50mm thick) and finished with Cemcrete’s Colour Hardener, which is trowelled into the screed while it is still damp, creating a pigmented decorative finish, and respective sealer. Colour Hardener is offered in a range of beautiful colours to suit any design requirements.

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