Company announces its project of the year

by Darren
Cemcrete project of the year Jnl 1 16

Modern ‘bushveld’ home in the city proved to be the best completed project.

After many entries were considered for the Cemcrete Joburg Project of the Year 2015, this modern ‘bushveld’ home in the city proved to be the best completed project. This proudly South African home showcases proudly South African Cemcrete cement-based finishes.

Colour Hardener Cobble Milk was used for the flooring throughout and provides the home with a unifying element, contributing to the modern bushveld look. What made the Cemcrete Colour Hardener application so spectacular was the sheer size of the area covered; over 300m² of flooring was completed over a two-week period. Over a ton of Colour Hardener product was hand applied by a team of 12.

“The beautiful, seamless Cemcrete floors throughout the house really give the home its sense of uniqueness. They are the ‘language’ of the home, without which the home would just be another house,” says Andrew Payne, Managing Director of Drew Architects.

The client’s brief was simple: “We love the bush and what it is to be away staying in a bush lodge, but we need a home in Johannesburg, which must also be modern, warm and practical.”

What typified the client’s experience of the bush was brought to life and the vision for the home agreed upon was realised.

“It had to be simple; it would be intimately connected to nature from every room; it would be filled with natural light; it had to be filled with natural materials and contrasting textures; and would be single-storey,” Andrew explains. “We love using Cemcrete screeded floors in our buildings as they give an incredibly seamless flow, unifying the spaces of a building without the busyness and mundaneness of tiles or the stress and maintenance which come with timber floors.”

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