Committed to marketing the brand

by Tania Wannenburg
Committed to marketing the brand


Managing the marketing for a brand that enhances and encourages growth and success in the flooring industry.

FloorworX Marketing Manager Theresa Venter may have entered the flooring industry by chance but her significant growth after several years in the company and her individual achievements place her in an ideal position to share her knowledge, especially from the perspective of an influential female leader.

In her opinion, women add unique qualities to the flooring industry by being venturesome and engaging in greater risk taking to formulate innovative solutions.

“The floorcovering industry is being inundated by new technology and trends – now more than ever,” explains Theresa. “As consumers and influencers of these trends, women’s experiences and insights could significantly contribute to the industry’s competitiveness. However, the flooring industry first needs to ‘improve the external image of the trade’ in order to improve its ability to attract and retain women who could in turn assist in advancing the flooring industry.”

She goes on to say that, compared to the men she works with, women tend to doubt themselves more, and accordingly often underestimate their abilities and readiness to take on bigger roles and challenges. “In my opinion women should not wait to tackle the flooring industry just because it is traditionally regarded as a male-driven industry,” Theresa proposes. “Women need to take a giant leap of faith in their ability to learn what they need to, and jump right in. Will there be things one doesn’t yet know? Very possibly. Is there a risk that one may fail? Always. But what are women risking by holding back? The fulfilment of their greatest aspirations perhaps? Quite probably.”

Theresa concludes by saying that women in business must own their success, manage their time mercilessly and advocate for themselves. “Women should aim to be deliberate and brave in ensuring that the right people know who they are, what they’ve done and where they’d like to go,” she enthuses.

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