Commercial project uses new DIY floor paint

by Darren
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Using a new floor paint that is strong enough for large commercial projects, and can be used as a DIY product.

A durable floor paint was used to coat over 200m² of concrete floors at the Build It hardware outlet in Ballito, which was one of the first major commercial projects to be completed with a.b.e. Construction Chemicals’ new abecote Tough Polyurethane Paint.

a.b.e. is part of the Chryso Southern Africa Group and Peter Jones, a.b.e.’s National Sales Manager: Flooring, highlights that Siyakha Build It in the Ballito Business Park, previously trading as Amandla Build It, was relaunched earlier this year after a change of ownership.

“For the refurbishment of the floors of the Build It store, a.b.e. first prepared the floors using a 3mm scraper coat of a.b.e. flooring resin and silica sand, before applying two coats of abecote Tough Polyurethane Paint,” he continues. “‘Sea Grey’ was selected as the desired colour.”

Recently launched, abecote Tough Polyurethane Paint is a single-component, waterborne Polyurethane (PU) floor paint for interior and exterior concrete surfaces. The new product complements a.b.e.’s current offering of abecote Tough Epoxy Paint and abecote Clear Polyurethane Paint.

“The new water-based polyurethane floor paint provides an exceptionally attractive satin finish on concrete floors,” emphasises Peter. “It is simple to use and can be applied to any domestic concrete surface such as patios, garage floors, driveways, basements, store rooms, and is also suitable for light commercial and industrial  renovation applications, such as the one carried out at Siyakha Build It. Two coats – with 10% diluted abecote Tough Polyurethane Paint as primer – are sufficient to provide a durable finish.”

In addition, abecote Tough Polyurethane Paint is supplied in five-litre containers and is available in a clear version as well as eight colours: White, Black, Traffic Green, Soft Grey, Golden Yellow, Havana Beige, Signal Red, Sea Grey. The success of this project has revealed a realm of new opportunities for large commercial projects in the future.

For further information visit www.abe.co.za

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