Combining natural materials and geometry for a Russian home

by Ofentse Sefolo
Combining natural materials and geometry for a Russian home

Architects, Moloko Design, designed a beautiful private house that is a synthesis of natural materials and simple geometric shapes. Situated in Moskva, Russia, the house is a cosy yet inviting modern home with a façade that combines stone and wood. Wood planks were used for the interior as well as exterior flooring and light-coloured natural finishes are visible across the entire residence.

The brief from the client was to create an architecturally interesting house that would accommodate two generations comfortably. Each family member needed their own private space and there had to be spacious common areas for socialising. There weren’t any particular style requirements, giving the architect free rein to propose a wide range of designs and options.

The form of the house is based on integrating three functional units into a single volume. The house plan is rectangular and made up of three blocks. There are bedrooms on the ground floor as well as the second floor, with an open balcony and a guest bathroom. The connections between the three blocks are highlighted using textured wood alongside minimalist white geometry. The textured wood ceiling plays a navigational role, guiding occupants of the home from the porch to the living room. At the heart of the house, the orientation changes from horizontal to vertical. Wood is used in a number of different ways in every part of the house. Everything from the living room floor and the entrance to the exterior façade and the staircase components has elements of wood.

The interior and exterior designs embody functional minimalism, with the interior inspired by the work of the great 1950s architect, Alvar Aalto. There are several different white surfaces inside and the façade as well as interior have finishes of wood and natural stone. The client was happy with the results and the architect is proud of the modern country house that they designed.

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