Colours for every season of 2019

by Ofentse Sefolo
Colours for every season of 2019

Teaming up with trend authorities from around the world, each year Plascon collaboratively decodes current social and lifestyle insights into projected colour, décor and design trends. This year, colour expert Claire Bond has associated each of the forecast’s colour themes with the four seasons.

“We know that different colours elicit different responses from people and that everyone has their favourite time of the year. By linking our colour stories to the four seasons, we hope to match the correct colour palette to the appropriate person,” she says.

The Plascon Colour Forecast 2019 identified cocooning, mindfulness and individualisation as some of the trend drivers compelling people to transform their homes into personal sanctuaries away from a busy, technologically-driven world. Even the Neutral of the Year, Ravine (62), moves away from the “more is more” concept to creating spaces where life’s simple pleasures take centre stage.

“The concept of luxury has taken a new direction with the new interpretation extending to simple joys such as reading a book, taking a bath or enjoying a long, lazy Sunday lunch with family and friends,” explains Bond.

In a globally connected world where just about anything from anywhere can be bought or read online, cultural influences are varied and at people’s fingertips. All four of the Plascon Colour Forecast’s colour stories speak to this trend and provide colours and a way for people to design with their heads and hearts to ensure they have a living space where they can live their best life.

Neutral of the Year: Ravine (62)
Subtle, soothing Ravine (62) is an artful blend of grey and beige which invites a minimalistic yet luxurious look to a space and, according to the Plascon colour connoisseurs, the perfect hue for the classic or contemporary home in the 21st century. Versatile with a taupe undertone, it creates a cosy and welcoming setting and is also perfect for building a signature palette. Ravine (62) is part of Plascon’s Luxury colour story.

Colour story 1: Glamour

A collection of summery hues, this colour story combines stylish, curated, astringent and sensitive colours to create a feeling of comfort and individuality. It makes a feminine statement with restrained core neutrals and modern pastels. The use of colour in this theme is indulgent and treasures displayed have been collected with care and attention to detail. People who like this story are confident, creative, bold and social, and would like to create a flamboyant yet individualistic look in their home.

Claire says, ““With elegant and calm neutrals such as Oyster Catcher (Y2-B2-3) combined with lively accent shades like Groovy Grape (R1-B1-1) and Mermaid Jewel (G7-B1-3), this colour collection is for the energetic go-getters out there who love the Summer months and like to come home to recalibrate in a soothing but creative environment.”

Individualisation: Social and digital, eye-catching designs are used for self-expression and to be shared for “likes” online.

Colour story 2: Luxury

The richly sophisticated Luxury colour story echoes hues of autumn and features grounded natural colours such as aubergine and amber combined with unrestricted tomato red, pistachio green and cool blue. Also including Plascon’s Neutral of the Year, Ravine (62), the balance of warm and cool tones brings a feeling of wholeness and connection to this theme. This colour story is for those who love grown-up interiors where comfort and sophistication work hand in hand.

“Burnished, autumnal colours such as sanguine Burnt Horizon (R7-B1-1) and gilded Beeswax Candle (Y1-B1-1) speak to people who appreciate the change in seasons, while Black Bean (71) and Ravine (62) have a calming effect for a serene space,” says Claire.

Cocooning: Creating a personal and curated refuge or space that is safe and comfortable.

Claire comments, “In a rapidly evolving and increasingly chaotic world, uncertainty is propelling people to look inward and create personal spaces where they feel secure.”

Colour story 3: Minimal

This spring palette with deep blues, aqua tones, calming peach and muted yellows is for the caring, introverted thinker and perfect for those who love clean lines and uncluttered spaces. Tailor-made for the nature lover with its refreshing medley of cool, dark, neon and bright hues, biophilic design, which creates access to the natural world in the urban environment, would work well in this colour story, where renewal is the order of the day for the caring, environmentally-mindful person.

“In this story we move away from white as a stark minimalistic background opting instead for youthful blues and greens like Atlantic Ocean (B2-C1-1) or rich red and apricot hues such as Orange Delight (O5-A1-4). These uplifting hues replace accessories, ornaments and other ‘things’ and create a rejuvenating space reminiscent of Spring,” says Claire.

Mindfulness: Conscious consumption is now mainstream as the “stuffocation” of the past is cast aside in favour of curated spaces and accessories.

Colour story 4: Urban

For the innovator or the energetic adventurer, the Urban colour story is linked to winter and combines industrial shades with lively rich primary blues, reds and yellows. These uplifting colours demonstrate a strong yet approachable person who is ambitious yet also displays a keen sense of fun. Their interiors will have clean, uncluttered lines where order is important. This theme appeals to the thinking urbanite who also values the outdoors, seeks adventure and appreciates an introspective space where they can find balance and equilibrium.

“This colour story is perfectly suited to productive but harmonious home and work spaces with hero colours such as Pristine Blue (B4-A1-1) and Golf Greens (G4-A1-1) popping against wintry cementitious colours such as Silver (38) and Bovine (47),” Claire says.

Global connection: Moving away from one cultural reference point, accessibility to global influences allows for eclectic designs and a “mix and match” aesthetic.

Full thanks and acknowledgement are given to Plascon for the colour trend insights and images provided. For more information, visit https://plascon.com/colour-inspiration/colour.
Design ideas:
Monotone: The monochromatic look is gaining popularity and can be achieved by layering similar shades for a sophisticated, restrained look.
Door frames and mouldings: Paint door frames, windows, skirtings and mouldings in contrasting colours to quite literally frame the view.
Feature ceilings: Statement ceilings are on trend as a “fifth wall” to paint. Some unexpected colour on the ceiling is a great way to add interest to a room.
Colour blocking: Statement walls in contrasting or complementary colours are the new wallpaper.
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