For over 50 years, Toshiba has provided the guaranteed precision and expertise of Japanese quality, and the new Haori air-conditioning system is no different. It offers the best of style and comfort, with fabric covers and smart features.

Aesthetic appeal

Stylish textile fabric covers can be peeled off and replaced, allowing for consistent change. Covers are available in six standard colours and can be customised locally by working with your interior design team.

Smart control functions

Smart controls can be operated from anywhere in the world:

– Power select and ECO modes reduce energy bills.

– Hi-power for rapid cooling or heating.

– Magnetic wall-mounted holder.

– Energy monitoring.

– Smart speaker voice control functions compatible with Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Innovative inverter technology

Toshiba’s rotary compressor technology combines performance with reliability. Minimising fluctuations to ensure a constant temperature indoors, it increases efficiency while eliminating the risk of incidental noise, for silent operation.

The Haori unit includes:

  • Toshiba Ultra-Pure Filter, capturing up to 94% of PM 2,5.
  • Toshiba Plasma Ionizer catches and neutralises contaminated particles.
  • Toshiba Magic Coil ensures it is always as clean as new.

For more information on Toshiba Haori air-conditioners, contact AHI-Carrier:
Tel: +27 11 878 6320

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