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Bronx International has been operating in the African market since 1999 with a range of colour-coated and galvanised lines to suit the market, and has introduced a number of smaller volume paint lines for the lesser production requirements of newer manufacturers. These lines also provide the opportunity to increase production volumes in the future in a very cost-effective way.


“We have seen a significant increase in the number of roofing suppliers considering installing their own colour-coating line facilities,” said Jaco de Waal, business development manager at Bronx International. 

Some of the more obvious advantages for companies to paint their own galvanised steel include the cost advantages in purchasing galvanised steel instead of painted galvanised steel; a significant reduction in holding stock, both painted and unpainted; the ability to offer short lead times to end-customers; the flexibility to supply specialised colours in small quantities (no minimum order quantity) and obtain premium price; the ability to enter new markets with new products; and the confidence they have in the quality of their product.

Since pre-painted steel was first introduced some 40 years ago, the major suppliers have built large coil paint lines that require large volumes of painted products to remain profitable. Whilst there is still a strong need for the large volume lines,  smaller organisations who are just entering the market or wanting to backward integrate cannot afford a large line and do not require these large volumes.

Many pre-painted roofing suppliers and their markets are now starting to demand good service from their suppliers and high-quality material of which durability is guaranteed.
The Bronx warehouse range of lines enables new entrants to colour coating to achieve exactly the levels of quality expected by an increasingly sophisticated market.
The most important aspect of the smaller volume paint line is to clearly understand that the output product quality is identical to any product produced on a much larger paint line, and Bronx backs up this statement with strong product and performance guarantees. 

When considering the line size to meet market requirements, smaller does not mean less in terms of quality and performance. This concept is already proven with Bronx through an extensive reference list and customer testimonials.

The following are examples of line options available:
Warehouse range of paint lines
These are paint lines designed to fit into an existing warehouse, with the following advantages and characteristics:
• Flat concrete floor installation, no large pits or heavy foundations required.
• Very low installation costs.
• Very short installation time.
• Lower roof height, by using horizontal strip storage accumulators to ensure continuous process operation.
• Single-pass or double-pass alternatives.
• Gas-fired or electric infra-red paint-curing oven.
• Quick change coaters if required.
• Embossing if required.
• Plastic lamination if required.
• Electricity power generators supplied if required.
• Water treatment plant provided if required.
• Incineration of oven solvent and full heat recovery if required.
• Complete production technology and training included.

Compact warehouse paint line

This is the smallest capacity, standard paint line – a continuous line that consists of cleaning tanks, chemical pre-treatment application, a single s-wrap paint coater machine and a single paint-curing oven (the oven can be gas-fired or electric infrared). Depending on the end application, if the painted product requires primer paint under the top coat paint, the coil has to be processed through the line twice.

The line speed is 40mpm for the first pass (priming) and 30mpm for the second pass (top coat). The annual capacity based on 24 hours, six days and 52 weeks is 22 500tpa.

Single-pass modular warehouse line

This is a larger capacity line than the compact line. It can be supplied as a complete single-pass line or it can be supplied as a double-pass line initially, with provision to convert to a single-pass line very economically at a later date. This is a continuous line that consists of cleaning tanks, chemical application, an s-wrap paint coater machine for primer paint, a gas-fired or electric infrared paint-curing oven for primer paint, an s-wrap or quick change u-wrap paint coater machine for top coat paint, and a gas-fired or electric infrared paint-curing oven.

The line speed is 30mpm single-pass and 30/40mpm double-pass.
The annual capacity based on 24 hours, six days and 52 weeks is 42 000tpa (single-pass) and 22 500tpa (double-pass).

As the market for colour-coated roofing and walling grows, it’s good to know that Bronx has researched the African market and created a range of lines that allow new entrants to enter the market in a cost-effective way. As a company, the quality of products to your customers is essential and having control over inventory and colour choices makes good business sense. As the market continues to grow, the Bronx Warehouse range offers a solution for your business to grow too.

Bronx International Pty Ltd
Contact: Jaco de Waal
Tel: + 27 82 821 3713
Web: www.bronxintl.com   
 Email: jacodewaal@bronx.com.au

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