What role does colour and pattern choice play?

by Darren
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How do colour and patterns affect consumers when choosing Luxury Vinyl Tile?

Consumers are primarily driven by colour when selecting Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT). Even though the colour selection process is fairly simple, intricate characteristics add to an LVT’s unique overall effect, thereby separating some LVTs from others.

Firstly, the quality of the print will determine the definition of its pattern. If the LVT graphic is produced from a high-definition printing process it will result in clearer, sharper designs, in turn leading to a more authentic appearance.

A textured surface will provide a woodlike appearance with non-slip properties. These structures may have a registered embossing where the texture follows the grain effect of the plank, enabling one to feel the texture of the wood grains.

The size of pattern repeat during the manufacturing process also plays a crucial role. Should the manufacturer use a small pattern repeat, the same grain/pattern will likely be repeated more often, leading to the replication of the exact image. Consequently, identical-looking planks can come out of the same box. These small repeats not only make the floor appear ‘fake’, but also the supposed natural wood effect is lost.

It should also be noted that bevelled edges on the planks assist in creating better plank definition.

Even though the consumer is driven by colour and pattern, the contractor must always consider technical specifications, warranties/guarantees and the after-sales service provided by the LVT manufacturer and distributor.

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