Collaborative approach is key to successful niche projects

by Madelein
Collaborative approach is key to successful niche projects

A collaborative approach is the best way to ensure a successful niche flooring project. Encouraging input from the architect, flooring installer, builder and all relevant stakeholders often uncovers opportunities and solves problems before they arise.

Brian Clark, Director of Diamond Products (Pty) Ltd, says that a different mind-set is needed for niche flooring projects.

“Niche installations require ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking, sourcing special materials and an in-depth knowledge of the preparation, installation and final finishing in order to achieve the best result. The maintenance after the project is completed is also a key component that needs to be considered during the conceptualisation phase,” says Brian.

Brian adds that the company has seen an uptake in polished concrete flooring projects within recent months.

“The various finishes that are available today mean that polished concrete flooring is also becoming a niche application. We look forward to new trends in the industry,” concludes Brian.

For more information, contact the Diamond Products on +27 (11) 552 8310 or via www.diamondpc.co.za.

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