Collaborating to advance concrete solutions

by Darren
Collaborating to advance concrete

AfriSam’s Centre of Product Excellence is focused on creating products and solutions for years to come.

In its quest for achieving excellence, AfriSam is working collaboratively with customers and commercial admixture companies to advance and customise solutions that consider specific application.

One of the functions of the AfriSam Centre of Product Excellence is ongoing product development. “We invest in finding fit-for-purpose concrete solutions, a journey that begins with a detailed site visit by one of our experienced technical consultants,” says Mike McDonald, manager of the centre.

On-site analysis
He explains that consultants collect material samples and ascertain specific information on curing temperatures, mixing temperatures, as well as any additives and accelerators being used. The gathered data and samples are subjected to analysis at AfriSam’s material laboratory at the centre, after which the consultants are able to draw up possible solutions.

In order to produce real customer centric solutions, the centre emphasises knowledge sharing to maximise product implementation. “By familiarising our customers with our products and solutions, we can together uplift the standard of concrete solutions in the industry,” states McDonald.

Dealing with concrete supplements
Leveraging its intimate knowledge of its own products, AfriSam also works closely with commercial admixture companies to develop activators that will ensure normal concrete performance, even when high levels of supplementary cementitious materials are added.

The differentiating factor for successful cement suppliers in the future will be whether they are able to find cost-effective solutions that do not compromise on quality. This is why working collaboratively with customers and other partners is critical for the company.

Responsible operation
AfriSam’s Centre of Product Excellence has a number of key drivers that work towards increasing customer satisfaction and productivity, according to McDonald. An ongoing hot topic is environmental stewardship, and a number of AfriSam initiatives underpin the company’s intent in this regard.

“Cement and aggregates are scarce resources and AfriSam believes that their use should be optimised,” McDonald points out. “By gaining a thorough understanding of the material properties and how to apply them, as well as an understanding of concrete technology, we can ensure viable solutions.”

The Centre of Product Excellence is actively involved in day-to-day customer interactions in terms of technical queries. This support function is undertaken by a team of skilled and experienced individuals who fully understand the application of products.

Courses facilitated by the Centre of Product Excellence range from a high-level course for engineers who already have a working knowledge of all the material, right down to a beginner level.

Tel: 011 670 5834
Website: www.afrisam.com

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