CLP vinyl – The ultimate multipurpose sports flooring

by Darren
FloorworX-Sport Jnl713

FloorworX’s sports floor supplier has more than 30 years of experience in the field of flexible heterogeneous vinyl flooring production for indoor sports halls. This supplier’s main strength is developing special foams with high-level technical characteristics, which are more than important in influencing the performance of the sports floors.

Sport Supreme and Sport Extreme products are created with the innovative CLP system. This is a cross-linked polymer system in the wear layer which assures easy maintenance and high wear resistance for the lifetime of the products (as opposed to surface varnishes/treatments).

Sport Supreme consists of a range of 2m x 15ℓm, 6.7mm thick, uni-coloured indoor vinyl sports flooring sheeting. FloorworX also promotes two Supreme wood sports flooring sheeting colours.

Due to its special foam layers it has a high indentation rate, therefore sparing the joints of sportsmen. The glassfibre reinforced middle layer provides good dimensional stability to the product and restoring of the foam layers occur almost instantly, thus ensuring extremely good sport performance.

Sport Extreme consists of a range of 2m x 15ℓm, 8mm thick, uni-coloured indoor vinyl sports flooring sheeting available in Turquoise, Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Orange and Red colours.

Sport Supreme and Sport Extreme products are both made with solvent-free technology.

Sport Supreme is suitable for multipurpose sport halls and schools or physiotherapy rooms while Sport Extreme is suitable for sports halls where international competitions take place.

The Sport Supreme ranges exhibit all the benefits and advantages that one would expect from a quality sports floor, including easy maintenance which is underlined because the PUR surface provides the floor with its easy to clean properties, no polish is required, and maintenance costs are considerably reduced.

They also have a long life expectancy with the surface wear layer containing micronised Al2O3 particles that increase its abrasion resistance. They are also hygienic – Sport Supreme and Extreme are treated with graboSAN to stop the growth of germs, thus reducing the risk of contamination caused by bacteria in case of injuries.

Finally, all Sport Supreme products are solvent-free because no solvents are used in the technological procedures adopted during manufacture.

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