Climbing the career ladder

by Darren
Climbing the career ladder


Specifiers can get invaluable advice from a Financial Director that has spent several years building a successful career.

Starting in the banking industry, Nici Combrinck made a career move opening and running a successful business on her own. She initially consulted for and assisted Forest Flooring overseeing their financial investments before officially joining the company as a Financial Director with a 50% stake in the organisation in 2000. A position she holds to this day.

Forest Flooring serves the commercial industry and consumers with flooring and decking products that are imported, installed and maintained by in-house installation teams. Reflecting on her contribution to the company, Nici highlights that she provides strategic and financial guidance. This ensures that the company achieves its financial commitments while developing all the necessary policies and procedures to ensure the sound financial management and control of the company’s business through financial accounting, payroll and administration, marketing, project management accounting, risk management and office administration.

As a woman in a leadership position, Nici believes in traditional, high-potential mentorship and leadership roles. “A man’s role is traditionally hands-on and physical,” she explains. “Women, however, are better administrators and can support the male role when it comes to office administration. The women’s role need not be in competition with the males’, but both roles should support each other.”

She concludes by offering some invaluable advice to specifiers. “Find processes that works, and communicate these to all players in order to include a well-defined scope of the project, a clear understanding of each player’s specific responsibility in the project, an established order for reporting information and making decisions, a team approach to resolving issues throughout the project and open and clear communication within the team.”

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