CLF launches new Primekss jointless flooring system at Tarsus

by Tania Wannenburg
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In response to a growing demand for high-quality and low-maintenance industrial surface beds, industrial flooring expert Concrete Laser Flooring (CLF) recently introduced the cost effective and environment-friendly Primekss PrimeComposite jointless flooring system to the local market in February.

The Tarsus warehouse in Woodmead, Johannesburg is a first, not only for CLF but for the African flooring industry in general. CLF used this opportunity to showcase what goes into this kind of floor by holding a launch and inviting professional consultants from the construction industry. Its pioneering new flooring system PrimeComposite, which was introduced to the local market in early 2013 was used for the first time in the 18 000m2 facility for IT distribution in the new warehouse in the Waterfall Estate office complex.

PrimeComposite is a jointless flooring system that allows developers to completely eliminate the drawbacks that accompany existing flooring technologies, including cracks, uneven surfaces and curling joints. Jointless concrete floor slabs can be laid up to 6 000m2 in a single pour. The system, due to the elimination of joints, is more precise, is 50% thinner than traditional concrete decking at 130 mm, and helps to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% or more while significantly improving quality, making it an environmentally friendly and economical option.

The ground work on the project started at the end of August and concrete placement began at the beginning of September 2013.

For this particular project, the earthworks needed to be very flat and hardwearing so CLF used its laser grading equipment to ensure the profile was +0mm – 10mm.

CLF’s Prime Composite flooring system utilises a high dosage of special steel fibres, a high dosage of patented shrinkage compensating admixture and a quality control management software, which uses an iPad programme on site and live web feedback of onsite conditions including concrete temperature and humidity.

The dosage of steel fibres to concrete trucks was done using a fibre-blowing machine imported from Europe. Without the use of this machine the fibres are likely to ball together and hamper production and quality of the concrete. The shrinkage-compensating admixture was done using CLF’s in-house designed and built mixer pump unit. Strict quality control had to be met by the readymix supplier who provided constant onsite technical representation.

The PrimeComposite material must be placed within 10 minutes of being mixed in the readymix truck; any delays in placing the concrete can prove challenging as the concrete dries very quickly. Obviously warm weather shortens this window period so precision is key when mixing and placing the product. Receiving the concrete on site and having to add three different extra ingredients to the concrete requires attention to detail and strict supervision.

The PrimeComposite system produces superthin concrete floors that can be built in a fraction of the normal time. These floors are completely without joints, use up to 50% less cement and can be poured up to 6 000m2 at a time without the need for any construction or contraction joints. This is a major benefit as joints are the biggest single problem faced by the industrial flooring industry as they break under the traffic of hard-wheel forklifts.

Due to the client’s specific request for a jointless floor, the PrimeComposite system was chosen for this particular p oject. The time and budget saving benefits were also an attractive feature for the client, Group 5.

For further information: 011 704 5557 (Gauteng) / 082 600 5619 (CT) / 031 705 2388 (KZN) / nic@concreteflooring.co.za / www.concreteflooring.co.za.

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