Cleaning convenience for large-surface flooring

by Madelein
Cleaning convenience for large-surface flooring

Given its seamless appearance, resin flooring is frequently the preferred choice for large-surface flooring – from aircraft hangers and schools to hospitals and engineering sites.

Unlike vinyl flooring, the simple formulation of synthetic resins and hardeners creates a sealed monotone and monolithic appearance, with the thickness of the flooring dependent on usage.

Cleaning of large surface flooring is no easy task. However, quick and easy cleaning is now possible with Numatic’s introduction of the fully battery-operated Walk-Behind Auto Scrubber & Dryer, the Numatic TGB4045.

Cordless and user-friendly
This cordless cleaning machine boasts an impressive 40 litre capacity, 450mm scrub width, user-friendly controls as well as an onboard charging system, making the Numatic TGB4045 capable of true multipurpose cleaning convenience, suitable for use in domestic or large industrial areas.

Robust cleaning
Durability and continued performance are attributed to the machine’s robust construction and long-life, fully sealed Gel-Tec batteries, complemented by a built-in charger and clear battery meter indicator.

The Numatic TGB4045’s additional features include:
• A Structofoam tilting brush deck
• Polyform tanks
• A heavy duty TwinFlo wet pick-up vacuum system
• A heavy duty geared brush drive

These features deliver a machine capable of powerful cleaning results combined with ease of operation and industrial robustness – perfect for keeping any resin floor gleaming.

For more information, contact Numatic:
Tel: 0861 686 284
E-mail: sales@numatic.co.za
Website: http://www.numatic.co.za

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