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Circle Senior Living: humanising retirement

Welcome to the future, as the vision of Corene Breedt-Rammutla and Michael Sieff became a reality with the recent launch of a new urban village, Circle Senior Living Sandown, Sandton. The Circle development is a unique boutique accommodation development for seniors in residences in communities of people aspiring to get the most out of every phase of their senior living journey from the comfort of their own home.

A different approach to senior living

The name Circle Senior Living signifies the holistic approach to senior living and an appreciation of the magical cycle of life – with a dedicated five decades to championing improvements in senior living, financing and care. The Sandown property is the first of many boutique retirement communities that puts citizens’ physical and mental health first. At the core, you’ll find care, community, choice, personalisation, safety, expertise and joy.

A key differentiator is their Age in Place model that provides for residents to get all types of care, from check-ups to frail care in the comfort of their own home. The new urban developments offer locals a place to settle within their inner-city communities – where their friends, family, churches or synagogues and social groups are versus moving away from what they know.

Vision behind the development

In 2018 Michael Sieff and Corene Breedt-Rammutla decided on this project after working together at a retirement institution. They wanted to create a benchmark servicing the people that you are looking after from a different view.

“With our expertise we felt South Africa was overdue for something different and to shake up the industry. We want the product offering and services to become the new norm. We want to be change makers and for our competitors to follow suit.”

Each of the core Circle team made up of dynamic and innovative individuals: Michael Sieff, Corene Breedt-Rammutla, Leor Atie, Gidon Novick, Andrew Kuming, are passionate about the project and giving dignity to the aged.

Architectural design and statement interiors

With community at the heart of Circle, the spaces have been designed to offer everything residents need for the most comfortable and exciting life, on their terms. This allows for additional support elements that can also be added for optimal wellness, comfort, and care as one’s needs change over time.

Designed by renowned architect Julian Katz, the luxurious, modular architectural design allows carers to live with residents, or comfortably spend long periods with them, in separate spaces that are flooded with natural lighting.

The development was previously earmarked for a hotel. Therefore, the design had to be modified to cater to the unique vision the Circle Senior Living team had with a balance of luxury, function and care.

Katz explains that there are the practical elements that need to be considered with design such as the use of natural light and lots of interactive spaces, not having surfaces that echo as residents can be sensitive to noise, the height of door handles, using levers and not knobs that need minimal strength to open.

The ergonomics of the building are very important such as ensuring passages are at least 1500mm wide so that wheelchairs and walkers can pass along each other comfortably, not having steps or uneven surfaces, using softer flooring such as laminates and installing handrails at key areas.

The bathroom continues to be one of the most dangerous places for injury in the home as we mature. A way to work with this is to create an area that can become one wet room which is a beautiful addition to the home when buying but can be tailored to the residents needs as their care requirements change with higher toilet seats, rails, sliding frosted glass doors, seats in the shower, level floors throughout for easy access and to reduce tripping. The low hung bathroom countertops for wheelchair access and lighting that has movement detectors. Hot water taps can be set for safety and quick use.

With regards to the decor, suppliers such as Tonic Design were briefed on ergonomics and curated interior design pieces that are fit for purpose. Such as no low slump chairs but ones that must have firm support with the correct height, fabrics are gentle to the touch, colours are in harmony – the hard finishes must work with the soft furnishings. Sliding doors work in the apartments, with reinforced aluminium frames for extra stability.

The restaurant flows into a spacious outdoor area, with big glass sliding doors opening up the space to a green wall and modern decking. This is one of many communal areas that can be booked and altered for family visits and events.

The garden has been thoughtfully designed with plants that aren’t too woody and have aromas that engage in year long sensory perception.

Spaces are deftly defined with interior timber screening, so there is always a sense of calm and movement. The use of colour has been used according to studies showing that as we age, we subconsciously are drawn to softer colour palettes, even patients with dementia can use colour to find their way around the facility. The lighter hues are complemented by royal blue to add a sense of luxury.

The beautifully appointed units vary from studio to penthouses, depending on the style and taste of the owner.

Small details have been added that not only are practical but add to the sense of luxury throughout. All the cupboards have strip lighting fitted inside to make it easier for occupants to see their wares and are all easy to close. Centralised air conditioning makes the space comfortable, but each unit has their own temperature control pad.

The Circle lifestyle

All focussed on community, the spaces are designed to offer the residents everything they need for a comfortable and exciting life, on the residents’ terms. The team of experts in senior living, hospitality and property development will assist in creating the ideal lifestyle and balance.

Facilities and services include:

Unique care options

Circle Senior Living has care options at all levels and cares for independent, assisted, frail and memory care – all taking place in your own home for life. The idea is that once a resident moves into a unit, they can stay there for life.

The developer, Andrew Kuming is a founding member of Kuming and Staples Construction, a company specialising in residential and commercial property development specifically in the Northern Johannesburg region since 1993.

From its humble beginnings, it has grown and is today a reputable and sought-after niche construction company that provides construction expertise and services to an expanding client base.

“I have been part of the development team in projects for almost 30 years now – and it feels like my life’s work has led me to this point – a point where I can be part of giving something back to generations that have cared for so many and are often forgotten. I am so excited to develop properties that are not just beautiful, but also well thought through and managed with great care.”

For more information, contact Circle Senior Living:
Tel: +27 63 798 2566

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