Church restored with hydrophobic impregnation technology

by Darren
Church restored with hydro

iTe Products used its IMPERViTe® Silane and Siloxane technology to restore the German Lutheran Church in Augsburg to its former glory.

Constructed in the late 1930s, the German Lutheran Church in Augsburg on the border of Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal was finished off with a raw mineral plaster constituting of a cement-hydrated lime binder together with local washed plaster sand out of the nearby Pongola River system.

Over time, the unprotected facade has degraded due to weathering and air pollution. This has led to dirt accumulation on the surface, which is drawn into the pores when rainwater runs down the walls, moss and algae growth especially on the south side of the building, as well as efflorescence and carbonation on the lower level of the building, where excessive splashback is experienced.

Facade treated
To restore the building to its former glory, the facade was treated with iTe Products’ IMPERViTe® Silane and Siloxane technology. First the mineral plaster was scrubbed with a wire brush to remove all soiling and moss, after which the raw surface was cleaned with a high velocity air blower and soft bristle plaster brushes.

IMPERViTe HW30 was then used as the hydrophobic impregnation agent. Being water-based, it was applied by low pressure airless spraying. The product was flooded onto the surface, after which it was worked into the facade by plaster brush. A second coat was applied over this on a wet-on-wet basis.

The IMPERViTe HW30 hydrophobic Silane/Siloxane solution creates an excellent beading effect, which prevents any water from entering into the facade. Once water falls onto the surface, the beading effect facilitates an immediate runoff, disallowing any dirt from entering the pores of the exposed surface.

iTe Products (Pty) Ltd was the main sponsor in this revamp, with Mondi sponsoring the use of the crane.

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IMPERViTe – Silane/Siloxane:
iTe Products’ new hydrophobic impregnation system, based on Silane and Siloxane technology from Germany, can be applied on natural stone, concrete and cementitious plasters to permanently seal it. A reaction occurs between the Silane/Siloxane system and the silica matrix within the building material to produce a silicon resin network. If no silica matrix is present in the building material, then some is added.

Due to the very strong covalent bonding that occurs between the silica matrix of the material and the silicone resin network, a beading effect is created. This repels water, but allows water vapour to transpire through the material, thus resulting in the pores staying clean and free of water to prevent soiling, moss or algae build-up.

It furthermore creates a high resistance and stability against:
–    High alkalinity (Ca(OH)2).
–    Chlorides (barrier).
–    Temperature (up to 350ᵒC).
–    UV radiation.

Source: iTe Products

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