flooring in education

With a track record in supplying vinyl flooring for schools across South Africa, Floors International South Africa (FISA) shares some insights into the changing flooring trends in education. Over the last decade, FISA has noted growth in vinyl and linoleum sheeting in the schools’ environment. 

Modern design 

A modern, attractive-looking school is more appealing to parents and investors, enhancing the overall appeal of the school to multiple stakeholders. FISA notes that this is particularly prevalent with private schools. 

The need for an easily serviceable floor covering has played a part in prompting a move from tiles to roll vinyl. “Vinyl and Linoleum sheeting delivers different colours and patterns that appeal to a new vision for schools in South Africa,” explains Homairah Sindhi, Managing Director of FISA.  

With the advent of a wider variety of materials and products to choose from, there is more interest and enquiries for these options from schools that need to replace old flooring and are looking to modernise the appearance of their facilities. 

Key benefits 

flooring in education 

Specific benefits are important for schools when selecting flooring: 
  • Long-lasting: Floor coverings must last, delivering value for money over the long term. 
  • Durable: Resistant to high foot traffic with the movement of students between classes and the scraping of chairs.  
  • Low maintenance: Saving both time and money for the school.  
  • Acoustic benefits: Pupils can hear the teacher easier and concentrate better in a quieter environment. 
  • Attractive, stimulating, colours and design increase the range of options in creating an energizing learning environment. 

Sports facilities 

flooring in education

There is a marked increase in the use of multiuse resilient floorcoverings in sports centres as well as in school gyms. These are largely multi-use facilities, requiring a safe and durable floor covering that can accommodate a wide selection of sporting activities provided by the schools or sports centres. 

Issue: Flooring options for schools. 

Solution: Vinyl sheeting offers a modern look that updates the school, with four additional key benefits. 


For more information, contact FISA: 

Tel: +27 86 199 9121 

Email: info@fisa.co.za 

Website: https://fisa.co.za/ 

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