school flooring

Government schools, particularly those with classrooms housed in porta cabins or prefabricated structures, have specific flooring needs. These schools need the performance of heavy-duty flooring that is attractive yet still a low-cost product, to fulfil the budgetary requirements of a government contractor. 


The subfloor of a porta cabin, or prefabricated building, is often a flexible flooring board installed on a steel frame. Therefore the flooring needs to accommodate the anticipated movement in the background, which makes vinyl flooring a practical choice.  

school flooring

Product description 

The Challenger Flooring range from Amari General Trading is ideal, for price-sensitive consumers, who can still enjoy an attractive, durable floor covering at a reasonable cost. The flooring has proven itself with porta-cabin manufacturers and is popular with government contractors. 

The multi-application flooring is fully flexible and durable. It has a simple pattern, which is available in various colours, allowing schools to create a unique and fun space for pupils. PUR-coated thus providing a protective layer for wear and tear. 

Technical specifications 

  • Roll length: 15m. 
  • Roll width: 2m. 
  • Thickness of 1,5mm and 2mm. 

The Challenger range of flooring is also well suited for use in offices, retail spaces, air-conditioned factories, low-cost housing and in two- and three-star hotels. 

Issue: A durable and cost-effective floor covering for classrooms in prefabricated structures. 

Solution: A low-cost, heavy-duty flooring that is attractive and fulfils the budgetary requirements of a government contractor. 

 For more information, contact Amari Trading: 

Tel: +27 11 314 3237/6067 

Cell: +27 60 502 1121 




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