Cevisama 2020 invokes incredible emotion

by Zuerita
Cevisama 2020 invokes incredible emotion

This year’s Cevisama in Spain showcased the latest developments in ceramics and associated industries, the widest range of products, the latest in ceramic technologies and manufacturing machinery, as well as a world-class programme.

Over 90 000 industry professionals flocked to this year’s Cevisama, which was held in Valencia, Spain. The event showcased the latest developments and products in ceramics.

Dominant trends
This ceramic universe showcased alternative patterns such as playful geometrics, both natural and bright colours, more materials fused together creating impossible surfaces, and traditional tiles were made to appear new using different layouts. The colour palette this year featured natural tones of classic marble and precious stones, sage green, bright 60s and 70s prints, as well as warm hues of traditional timber and Terracotta.

A warm welcome and introduction of new exhibits
The Trans-hitos exhibition focussed on the use of ceramic material worldwide, looking at its history and how it has adapted constantly to the times and changing needs of each community. The Spanish ceramic tile manufacturing sector was a major part of Cevisama 2020, revealing the latest products manufacturers have spent months working on, reflecting their commitment to quality, innovation, technology and design.

The #CevisamaTrends Zone, an exhibition of tiles in the style of a product gallery, and Borja were also newly introduced this year, featuring exclusive brands such as Inkoart, Versace Ceramics, Mármoles Serrat and Tejas.

Expert speakers and real-time demonstrations
This year the Architecture and Design Forum programme included speakers including Pritzker Prize winner Thom Mayne, principal architect at Morphosis, and the RCR Arquitectes team. The forum also launched the Valencia World Design Capital Forum this year as part of its programme, featuring lectures from outstanding designers including Clara del Portillo of Yonoh Design and Fran Canós, the only Spaniard commissioned to work on the restoration of Notre Dame in Paris.

Heroes of the fair
Below are just a few of the exhibitions that blew us away this year:

Vives Azulejos y Gres

The Vives Azulejos y Gres stand won the first prize for the best stand at Cevisama. Among the newly launched products that could be discovered at this stand were the new collection of large-format polished marbles called Marble·lous and new Pop Tile Collection in 15x15cm rectified format. The Pop Tile Collection takes us to the essence of the 1960s and represents a new generation of encaustic tiles, ceramic tiles where the pattern or figure on the surface of the tile is created using different colours of clay. With great decorative beauty, these tiles are a booming trend in interior design. Choose between cement tile designs with a modernist or handmade appearance, or a contemporary or minimalist style.


Gold, bronze and silver took centre stage at the Inkoart stand, with their high-end aluminium and copper tiles particularly prevalent. Their innovatively designed, high-quality tiles are exciting decorative pieces in shiny metallic shades that will bring a touch of glamour to any space. Available in unique shapes and styles, Inkoart’s collections brought a splash of glitz to the exhibition, with visitors to their stand admiring the captivating layouts that could be achieved with these tiles. Leaf, gold bar, diamond and umbrella shapes were among the intriguing designs that were easy on the eye.


The new series Les Bijoux by Arcana enhances marble, with its highly polished finish generating seamless, elegant surfaces that add a natural shine to any room. The fine veining in tiles provide a timeless, sophisticated touch. Wood is the main theme of the Natural Fusion Collection, bringing a natural, distinguished style with a minimalist aesthetic to any room. The new porcelain tile collection generates powerful visual effects with an urban touch and presents clean, symmetrical lines creating refined spaces. Arcana tiles are available in shades of grey, beige, anthracite, cream and honey in a range of formats.

Azulindus and Martí

Azulindus and Martí exhibited five new collections, offering a variety of stoneware and porcelain tiles. The Atempo product is full of details, creating nuanced effects, and is available in a variety of formats, creating endless combinations. Collections are inspired by aspects such as Venetian wood, traditional clay pavements in Seville neighbourhoods and an old metal arch with embedded wood fragments on a road in Italy. They have an aged appearance, where wood and oxides merge into paint for a worn effect.

In the Tile

The collections from In the Tile combined craftsmanship and modernity, reinterpreting an elegant textile effect with a contemporary colour palette. They provided natural metallic semi-polished porcelain tiles with refined, timeless patterns and ceramics emulating natural stone. With a variety of colour options, the placement of tiles can be regular or random, combining different formats to create unique, diverse patterns. Tiles include a hexagonal series with a three-dimensional accent in three types of relief, highlighting light and shadows. Their range returns to the classic use of metallic in the décor.


Decorative panels at the PanelPiedra stand are ideal for making spaces comfortable and creating a feeling of warmth with a completely realistic, unsurpassed visual finish. PanelPiedra’s synthetic construction walls are made of resin and fibreglass, resembling the texture and colour of different types of wood, stone and brick. Panels include a retro or vintage style in which elements, shapes and designs are reproduced with an old-worldly appearance, but look modern.


Decovita’s outdoor porcelain tile has high technical performance, where slabs are made by pressing, followed by vitrification, where they are fused into a single material using natural raw materials. Their tiles are eco-friendly, mould-free, anti-slip, frost resistant, easy to clean, colourfast, stain proof, chemical resistant and scratch resistant.

Italgraniti Group

Italgraniti Group delivered impeccable class at Cevisama 2020, with the launch preview of brand new wall coverings, Forme Colorate and Forme Bianche. The three-dimensional Forme Bianche tiles are available in ten sizes, giving a textured feeling and adding stylic creativity to vertical surfaces. Forme Colorate is an intense collection of pastel tones with a soft matte finish, silky surface and a natural glow. The gentle pastel tones create a feeling of elegance and coolness in any space. These three-dimensional tiles are flexible and create a striking touch, highlighting sophisticated textured effects.


Texture is the foundation of the Aparici tile collections. No matter the size or layout of a space, their tiles make each space unique, using their contemporary and luxurious textured tiles to create dynamic, inviting spaces. Their tiles are inspired by pressed tin roofs of the late Victorian era that combine different geometries in a soft colour palette based on metals. The porcelain tiles are inspired by carpets with patterns that look worn. The range includes tiles exuding deconstructed luxe in an eclectic metallic design as a nod to industrialism.


The Harmony stand at Cevisama 2020 displayed an avant-garde approach in their collections, created by different artists, bringing their personality to the collection. The BOW by Mut design is a modern take on traditional roof tiles, inspired by typical roofs in Mediterranean cities. BOW stands out for the pattern and interplay between reflected light and shade, with Niza featuring colours reflecting the ocean in gentle shade variations. DYROY is inspired by the northern lights, and tones and patterns in this collection recreating lights and colours of the Artic nights. The colourful SAHN collection reminds us of handcrafted ceramic tiles traditionally featured in Arab-style interior courtyards.

Full thanks and acknowledgement are given to Cevisama for the information in this article.

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