Ceramics born from South African soil

by Ofentse Sefolo
Ceramics born from South African soil

For over 40 years, Ceramic Industries, a designer and manufacturer of ceramic tiles and bathroom ware, has been creating products truly born from the South African soil. Their fashionable, resilient, safe and long-lasting products, a favourite among South Africans, are made from locally quarried materials in local factories, giving real meaning to the “Proudly South African” mantra.

While technology is responsible for the changes in Ceramic Industries’ products, the basic ingredients for great quality tiles remain the same. The four natural elements of clay, fire, air and water are combined to produce their uniquely impressive products.

They may use some of the most advanced Italian machinery in their factories, but it is their local knowledge that makes them the success they are today. By understanding the technical requirements and tastes of different segments of the local market, they have been able to make hugely popular South African products. Today, one out of every two ceramic tiles bought in the country originated in one of their factories.

The investment in machinery by Ceramic Industries’ management has also made their factories more earth-friendly, reducing emissions and water use. Heat from the kilns at most factories is now recycled for use in other processes, while water is recycled for use in multiple applications. Even the quarries they use as a source for raw materials are restored to their original state as far as possible.

The company, which began in 1976, now has over 1 000 employee in seven South African factories. Management works hard to make Ceramic Industries a great place to work by providing opportunities for employees to advance their careers in a field that combines science, engineering and design, giving them ongoing training and encouraging a commitment to teamwork across all their factories.

The Ceramic Industries team is aware of their place in the community and their employees are involved in outreach programmes – in and out of work hours. Employees have been involved in countless projects from upgrading infrastructure of day-care centres in communities around their factories to providing knowledge-sharing sessions at schools, neighbourhood clean-ups and hosting sports days.

For more information, contact Ceramic Industries:
Tel: 016 930 3600
Email: dbalidis@ceramic.co.za
Website: http://www.ceramic.co.za/

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